Several items were discussed at the recent Jackson County Commission work session and meeting.

A meeting was held in December in the town of Pisgah regarding garbage service. It was recommended that a two year contract be proposed to provide service to Pisgah residents. The county would supply trash receptacles and the service would be billed through Pisgah’s water department. The item was approved.
A discussion regarding the purchase of 456 cans at a cost of $21,000 was also held and the item was approved.
A discussion regarding items needing addressed at the Jackson County Park was held. Commissioner Jason Venable stated that KC’s BBQ is requesting an extension of the dock located at the restaurant. Venable stated that the restaurant owner is interested in knowing if the county is willing to pay any portion of the cost to extend the dock. Venable stated he would not have a problem with it if the business was under a longer contract. Commissioner Mike Sisk stated although this would be an asset he doesn’t see how the county would benefit from it. Sisk further reiterated that the rent is currently pretty cheap. Carl Barnes stated that the rent will go up to $250 next year and $600 the following year.
Venable also spoke regarding the Jim Helms contract with the Jackson County Park. Venable stated that this is the last year for renewal under Helms’ current contract. He stated that building rent is $250 per month. Venable stated that Helms would like access to three boat slips at a cost of $250 per month, with areas that he has access to place additional boats in. Venable stated that last year there wasn’t much room for people to come in off of the lake to the restaurant and that KC’s would like access to at least three boat slips to serve that purpose. County Commission Chairman Mike Ashburn suggested that Helms be approached with the information prior to a decision being made.
The Alabama Industrial Access Road and Bridge Application for funding IA grant was also discussed and approved.
The Walter Thomas Family Cemetery in the Tupelo area was discussed and approved. Ashburn explained that all requirements have been met to create the cemetery.  This cemetery will be a family cemetery, not a public cemetery.
A motion to approve extending a temporary laborer’s employment period with public works was approved. A motion to approve the hiring review board’s recommendation for the vacant nutrition manager position was also approved. 

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