During the recent Scottsboro City Council work session and  meeting, Council members approved a four way stop at Appletree Street and South Houston Street.

The issue was discussed previously at a work session, at which time, Mayor Robin Shelton brought up citizen concerns, including the safety of those who live in a nearby group home and enjoy their time outdoors. Shelton recommended that approximately 30 days be given before this four way stop is enforced. However, stop ahead signs are currently in place to remind citizens of the new stop signs.
A resolution to apply for grants for the Goose Pond Colony Boat Ramp Extension was also approved. Shelton explained these would be two different grants. One through the recreational trails program and one through the land water conservation group. Shelton also stated they have reached out for additional support through different entities.
A resolution with ALDOT for the Clemmons Road Project was also approved. Council President Tony Wallingsford explained that the bids are currently open. Shelton stated that the City has obtained an additional $700,000 for the project. On this project, the causeway will be built up and approximately 12 culverts will be replaced.
Council member Keith Smith updated regarding the early retirement incentive. A suggestion was given to give a $500 per year incentive to those who wish to participate, this would mean if you worked for the city for 25 years, you’d receive the $500 for 25 years, 23 years you’d receive it for 23 years. Council member Patrick Stewart stated he felt it would be fair if this incentive was offered every two to three years. Shelton stated there are currently approximately 31 employees eligible. This matter will be further discussed at the next work session.
Wallingsford also spoke regarding the need for Police cars. Wallingsford stated he has been unable to find another municipality who is hot seating their vehicles. Hot seating is the practice of running the police cars 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Wallingsford stated that they will hold a public hearing to request public input on the situation prior to finalizing plans to purchase additional police cars.


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