Scottsboro Council President Tony Wallingsford began  a recent work session and meeting by stating that during budget hearings he and  Police Chief Ralph Dawe spoke about the existing plan for police vehicles.

He stated that they  had been speaking about a plan to add additional vehicles that would minimize the practice known as hot seating.  Wallingsford stated, “Right now we are running all patrol vehicles two shifts a day, seven days a week. Those vehicles are getting approximately 35,000 miles per year on them, plus idle time. We had talked about adding vehicles and leasing.”
Dawe explained that vehicles are sorely needed and they are only getting half the life out of these vehicles. He then stated that if the vehicles he requested were purchased, the annual mileage and maintenance cost would be cut in half per year. Wallingsford stated that the area that they miss every year is vehicle maintenance. Dawe explained that over the past four years maintenance totaled $44,000 per year. Mayor Robin Shelton stated that Scottsboro is the only city who hot seats their vehicles the way that Scottsboro Police Department is required to do.
Wallingsford then explained that he felt  there is merit to Dawe’s plan, which would allow vehicles in neighborhoods and allow police response time to improve. Wallingsford stated that at a cost standpoint, it works relatively the same. He stated there might be a minor increase in fuel and insurance costs.  
The Highway 35 and Highway 72 service road bid was discussed. Shelton stated that the property was purchased in March and there is a contractual obligation to put it out for bid. Shelton explained that they would put the project  out for bid and then bring it back to the council.
Shelton also discussed the Rec-Com  pool renovations. He explained that the council recently approved the HVAC unit and while the pool is shut down there is other work that needs to be done including inside  the pool, painting and lighting. Shelton stated there is bond money available to cover the work. The items were approved .
The Airport property acquisition was approved as well. Shelton stated that the property is adjacent to city property and will be purchased at the appraised value. The money used will be paid back in 2019 from the FAA.
A four-way stop at Appletree and S. Houston Street was discussed. Shelton stated that there are concerns about traffic, children playing and residents at the group home who enjoy the outdoors in the area.  Shelton stated that they feel the best solution would be to create a four-way stop in the area. The item was placed on the next work session.
A grant application with Goose Pond colony for a ramp extension was also  discussed. A meeting was held regarding the matter to discuss possibilities. Shelton stated that the grant would be through the land and water conservation program and ADECA. The item will be discussed in further detail at the next work session.
Wallingsford formed a committee to look at early retirement incentives for city employees.
The next meeting and work session will be held on January 22.


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