The Scottsboro City Council approved 90 percent of their 2017-2018 budget at their recent City Council meeting.

The approved amount totals $19.1 million.
Council members approved the Airport Improvement Funding resolution. Council President Tony Wallingsford previously explained that this is an annual resolution allowing for the application of funding.
The solicitation of bids for the Rec Com Pool area HVAC  was also discussed and approved. Mayor Robin Shelton discussed the HVAC at a prior work session. Shelton stated that in May a contract was entered into to look into the HVAC replacement in the pool area. Shelton stated that the replacement is ready to be put out for bid. It was explained that the existing equipment was no longer in working condition and in several pieces. Options included trying to air condition the building year round, that would come at a high cost. However,  dehumidifying the air is a cheaper option. Shelton explained that he was asking to put the unit out for bid and go from there to see where the numbers fall.
An events and marketing coordinator job description was discussed and approved.  Shelton explained the position would be  funded by the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Scottsboro and Goose Pond, who would all pay one-third of the funding necessary for the position. 


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02 Feb 2019
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Dance at Veterans Post Home

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