Prior to the Scottsboro City Council work session last week a public hearing was held regarding the possibility of placing a portion of the B.B. Comer Bridge at the Scottsboro High School.

Interim Superintendent Tony Ball stated that because it is a school campus, the Division of Construction Management, will require, before any permanent change to the school campus is made, plans being submitted and approved by them.
Following the public hearing Lyle Sosebee with the Goose Pond Colony Marina spoke to the council regarding the marina expansion. Sosebee stated that Goose Pond plans to finish the camp ground expansion project that they’ve been working on since 2009. In 2015, a $2 million project was done to build a new marina, Dock 6; 44 slips were built on that dock. The next phase will be an expansion to Dock 6  with 16 slips for 54 foot docks.
Attorney Will Parks and Heidi Holt discussed the approval for access easement in the vicinity of Highway 46. Parks explained that the Holt’s and his client, Billy Owens are currently having court over the issue of condemning a private right of way. Parks explained that this property is in the city limits and because it’s in the city limits, before an access is created the applicant must obtain approval by the planning commission and the city council.
Members discussed updating and adopting the 2015 building codes. Mayor Robin Shelton stated that approximately 20 people have discussed the proposed changes. Shelton stated that those with concerns will get with Chief Gene Necklaus by August 21.
A one-time pay raise for retirees was also discussed. Shelton explained that a resolution has to be passed. According to RSA, the raise has to be paid in a one-time payment or in payments to retirees. The raise comes at a cost of $58,308.
Shelton spoke regarding the Tourism Grant Fund for the Catfish Festival donation. He stated to be sure they had the monies to operate a donation was made from the Mayor’s discretionary funds and the Council’s discretionary funds. Shelton stated that since that time, he has looked at the ordinance for the tourism fund and would like to clean up the application for the grant.
City Clerk Whitney Phillips proposed the surplus of a 1995 Ford Bronco, 1993 Chevrolet and a Ford Crown Vic.
A scrap and junk ordinance was discussed. Shelton explained that he would like further input regarding the ordinance to be sure it is adequate. Code enforcement officer Lt. Daniel Pierce stated that as the code changes, people are frequently grandfathered in, if they were in compliance with the old code.
Eddie Blizzard requested funding for temporary seasonal employees for the Street Department to help with upcoming projects. These employees would be employed for 13 weeks.
Shelton discussed repealing the Porter Road Restriction. Shelton stated that by detouring trucks to Porter Road from Cecil Street, the city has been notified by the Chief of Police that they are violating their own ordinance. City council member Keith Smith questioned if Porter Road is designed to handle truck traffic of this nature considering the road was newly built. City Engineer Josh Little stated that the road was designed to handle the traffic. City Council member Gary Stewart stated that he recalled the council previously stated that Porter and Woods Cove would not be used for truck traffic. Shelton stated that he had spoken with Maples and they feel it is beneficial to their business to be allowed access to the road.
Shelton stated that the Downtown Redevelopment Authority have purchased benches to go around the square. He stated a few people have been approached regarding  memorial benches. He also stated that as the square is landscaped memorial trees could be purchased and he hopes to create guidelines for the purchases in the near future. 

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