A Solid Waste Disposal Authority meeting was held immediately following the work session with Scottsboro City Council on July 15, 2019.

Stacy Ledwell, Scottsboro Solid Waste Director, presented a packet and briefly explained the significant points, the first being, chipping. The city of Scottsboro has been picking up tree limbs and stumps and depositing them at the landfill. A new chipper was put into commission on the 15th on the mounds of limbs and brush. Solid Waste has begun utilizing the chips as cover over the landfill. Ledwell explained that after the chips are turned several days and mixed with some dirt, they make an excellent cover and speed up the composting process, producing topsoil. A mixture of 50% chips and 50% dirt will be utilized. This will keep land usage down as it will naturally compress and break down, using less air space. The chips also provide odor control for the landfill and perform more efficiently than dirt alone.
Ledwell discussed using a drone and drone software for landfill use. The software is purchased monthly from the provider, Propeller, and all data is analyzed through their programs, sending vital landfill maintenance and data back to Solid Waste via a 3D model and reports. After purchasing the drone, the monthly fee for services is $1,000. Ledwell explained the drone is especially useful in finding overlooked ground or air space. The drone also has the capability to measure air space and allow Solid Waste to pinpoint exactly where there is a gap or dip ready to be filled. The drone also has the capability to plan for the future, informing Solid Waste of how much more can go into a space and for how long.
Solid Waste is considering adding several additions and modifications to the current bailer facility to accommodate a recycling program for Scottsboro and Jackson County. In the bailer room, there is a guardrail that blocks a significant dropoff to a lower floor. The first addition will be a floor poured to enlarge the floor space of the bailer room, allowing for functionality. Meanwhile, on the first floor, an addition would be added on the side to allow more room and storage, and this lower floor is where the recycling would take place. The two levels would also allow for installations of shelters for trucks, keeping them separate from where the public comes and goes and extra recycling to keep dry. Because the recycled items are sold by weight, the buyer has stressed the importance of keeping the items dry. At times, there is a 60-day delay before a check is written while waiting on goods to dry and be re-weighed. In addition to cardboard, paper and plastic, Solid Waste would like to incorporate E-Waste, wherein customers could drop off old electronics for a fee. The need for a new restroom for the scale house was discussed. The cost is estimated to be around $15,000 for the bathroom and septic modifications to provide the facility to the scale house.
Ledwell also proposed the Council consider the same buyback program the Jackson County uses to finance trucks and equipment. Ledwell explained the loan and payment process. As an example, if a $100,000 truck were purchased by Solid Waste on a two-year loan, with a guarantee the bank will buy back the truck on the remaining 80% after this time period, Solid Waste will be paying 3% interest on the difference during the two years, essentially only out the 20% on the total cost of the truck. Ledwell requested the members of council read over the process and consider applying this to Solid Waste in an effort to keep trucks in circulation and increase availability of trucks in the event of a malfunction or the interim when a truck is in need of repairs. Ledwell reported six trucks down at the same time recently, leaving Solid Waste with one truck to service the city’s sanitation needs.
During the work session, the repairs and remodeling for Fire Station No. 3 were presented to the Council. Council member Mike Ashburn and Scottsboro Fire Chief Gene Necklaus discussed ideas for funding for the remodel. Currently there is approximately $190,000 sitting in an old bond that could go toward part of the renovations but may need to be re-designated to suit the purpose of repairs and remodeling for the fire station. Necklaus stated there are moisture, humidity and HVAC issues that need to be addressed immediately. Because of the existing roof line, the roof and HVAC would have to be replaced at the same time in order for the repairs to work. Ashburn stated if the current bond could not be used, that something special be made to allocate necessary funds in order for the project to move forward.

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