Budget resolutions for the brush fire expenses were discussed at the last Scottsboro City Council meeting that took place on July 1, 2019.

Scottsboro City Mayor Robin Shelton outlined the expenses needing approval from council. The air curtain for the brush fire the city rented at the Forestry Department’s suggestion, was rented for a month, and because the curtain wasn’t used the full amount of time, the city should be due a refund. The same applies for a trackhoe that was not utilized the entire month. This was moved to next week’s agenda.
Concerning the brush fire, Scottsboro Fire Chief Gene Necklaus updated Council on the status of the fire, the budget and repairs. On June 26th, the responders fighting the fire pulled back because there was no visible sign of anything. Over the weekend, a hot spot surfaced but was promptly extinguished. As of the meeting, responders are essentially waiting for hot spots to pop up. The fire department has also been utilizing about one-thousand feet of hose, some of which will need to be replaced or repaired, depending on what a test and inspection reveal.
Necklaus also reported several HVAC repairs that have had to be made on the 15-year old units, two of which had to be replaced. Between firehouses 1 and 2, there are nine original 2003/2004 HVAC units. The Fire Chief reported a third is about to be replaced, as well. A few years ago, a $3,000,000 bond was issued that included a portion to go toward a firestation remodel. Due to overages on other city projects, the firestation’s project was put off. Chief Necklaus hopes to receive additional funds in conjunction with the remaining $190,000 on the bond to complete repairs and the remodel project.
Scottsboro Water, Sewer and Gas General Manager, Roy Light also updated Council on water usage. As of last week, almost two-million gallons of water have been used in the extinguishing efforts at the brush fire. Light assured Council that the expenses incurred because of the water used up to that point will be taken care of, but cautioned them if the city has to begin fighting the brush fire as aggressively as before, there will be costs to the city.
Scottsboro Police Chief Ralph Dawe presented a resolution for city-owned vehicles for the police department. Dawe is requesting the city place a 30-mile limit from Scottsboro city limits, allowing that if an officer resides within the 30 miles, they will be issued an official SPD vehicle they can drive to and from work. Dawe stated at times an officer must go past an incident, arrive at the station, transfer belongings and equipment to the patrol car or department vehicle and then go back to the incident. This wastes precious time and resources in the event of an emergency. Dawe also hopes this resolution will help provide recruitment and retainment incentive for current and future officers. SPD is currently experiencing a shortage in officers. Chief Necklaus also cited the same conflict for his department and some of his responders. If passed, this resolution would provide city responders with issued vehicles, provided they reside within the 30 miles beyond the limit.
City Attorney Stephen Kennamer stated the only change that would need to be made to the resolution would be to change the wording of “30 miles from Scottsboro city limits” to “30 miles from Scottsboro City Hall.” His reasoning being it provides a constancy in establishing where the thirty miles begins and ends. This resolution was moved to next week’s agenda for further consideration.
As a direct result of the recent Bassmasters tournament held in Scottsboro, the Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation High School (ABNHS) Division is requesting a letter of commitment to allow them to compete next spring in Scottsboro at Goose Pond. The tournament would take place on May 16th, 2020, and a letter of commitment would require $5,000 in assistance from the city of Scottsboro. Alabama Bass Nation has two junior state championships, as well as the ABNHS wildcard tournament. Shelton reported there would be 150-160 boats in the water, each boat carrying two team members, plus a captain. Those numbers do not include the family members coming to stay in Scottsboro for the duration of the tournament. The funds will come out of the tourism account next spring. This resolution for Council to approve a letter of commitment was moved to next week’s agenda.
Several other items were moved to next week. The $4,500 transmission repairs for a 2008 knuckle boom truck will allow it to bring more of a profit once surplused if the transmission is in working order. A surplus of courtroom benches in the Municipal Court was also considered. The court wishes to donate them to a non-profit. The Solid Waste Department also submitted a request to have several items surplused, and they are as follows: 1978 Mack water truck; 1997 Ford dump truck; 2008 Komatsu skid steer; 1980 John Deere 240; 1996 John Deere 7200; 1997 DCL 200 Trackhoe. A public hearing was also held for an alcohol license for retail beer and wine off-premise for the following: Rasik Chaudhari doing business at D&P Mini-Mart located at 37 Ridgedale Road; Mamta Patel doing business at Marathon Food Mart located at 18562 John T. Reid Parkway. There were no objections to either one, and both establishments met requirements for license, passed all inspections and complied with zoning. All of these items were moved to next week’s agenda for further consideration.

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