The Lottery Bill, SB220, authorizing a state lottery played with paper tickets and video lottery terminals was approved by the Senate but never made it out of the House Economic Development and Tourism Committee after offering a second amendment.

The bill died before making it to the floor of the House in the Alabama Legislature. Some critics did not favor the proposed allocation and distribution of funds.
Regarding abortion, Alabama passed a restrictive abortion ban making abortion in the state a felony for doctors to perform and does not allow for incest or rape. Legislators created the bill in the hopes it would be received in such a way as to go all the way to the Supreme Court. In response, the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood have filed a lawsuit against the state of Alabama to block the new law.
Common Core Bill HB116, eliminating Common Core from the public school curriculum in Alabama schools went to the Governor on April 16, 2019. This bill was met with opposition from some parents and educators, but the majority sentiment was a collective sigh of relief. Most opposing the bill felt Alabama will be lowering their standards by returning to regular math. Those who supported the elimination of common core felt the standards were not being lowered.
HB161 introduced by Jackson County Representative Tommy Hanes concerning Biosolids was read for the first time on March 19, 2019 and passed the House in a roll call vote 51-47. The Bill that would prohibit human biosolids waste to be used as fertilizer on farms failed to leave the Senate’s Committee on Agriculture, conservation and Forestry.
Local legislation, SB56 introduced by Senator Steve Livingston will increase court cost in Jackson County.
The additional court cost will be as follows: In the circuit court; civil cases, except for domestic relation cases, one hundred dollars ($100). In domestic relations cases, seventy-five dollars ($75). In criminal cases, including cases appealed from the district and municipal courts, twenty dollars ($20). In District Court: In civil cases, excluding unlawful detainer, small claims, and child support cases, twenty dollars ($20). In criminal cases, including DUI cases, but excluding other traffic cases and negotiating worthless negotiable instrument cases, twenty dollars ($20).
The Circuit Clerk of the Jackson County will collect the additional court costs assessed as provided in Section 3 in the same manner as other court costs are collected and deposit the proceeds monthly in the Jackson County Judicial Employees Fund to be used to provide staffing for employees of the office of the circuit clerk and courts of Jackson County.
The Bill states “three employees in the circuit clerk’s office who were scheduled for layoff have been temporarily retained with alternate funding other than funds appropriated to the Unified Judicial System; however, this alternate funding cannot be relied upon in the future.”

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