The Jackson County Commission approved an Advisory Board in regards to Paint Rock Valley School.

This board will facilitate the discussion with the school board about the use of this property. Commissioner Mike Sisk nominated himself; the motion failed. Sisk nominated Donna Bishop; the motion was approved. Commissioner Melinda Gilbert nominated Mable Bishop; the motion was approved. Commissioner Jason Venable nominated Josh Fralick; the motion was approved. Commissioner Danny Rich nominated Ryan Putman; the motion was approved. A name for this board will come at a later date.
There was a motion to approve the DHR long-term lease agreement. The new lease will start on October 1, 2019. Chairman Tim Guffey proposed two possible leases: a five year with no maintenance (same lease as the one that is in affect now) for $3 dollars a square foot; a three year with maintenance (HVAC, roof and parking lot) for $7 dollars a square foot. With either one chosen, an inspection will be done before October 1, 2019 to see what the condition is of the building. An inspection will be done quarterly to see if the maintenance is being done. As of now, there has been no inspections done by the commissioners to see if DHR has maintained the agreement. With the County owning the building, an inspection can be done whenever; announced or unannounced, advised the County Attorney, John Porter. Venable made the motion to go with the five-year contract, Gilbert second that motion. The motion was approved.
Also, on the agenda was approving a three-month contract with the Chief Mapper, Greg Tyler. Tyler recently left the position. In the April 1 meeting, Revenue Commissioner Jeff Arnold explained that when a new mapper is hired, “its going to take a while, it takes a few years to train a mapper completely.” Arnold said that until a new mapper is hired, Mr. Tyler has agreed to come in on Saturday afternoons to keep the name changes, maintenance and things like that up. The three-month contract of $750 a month to pay Mr. Tyler was approved. When a new mapper is hired Tyler will come in and train him on weekends as well. The new mapper will only receive comp time during this training time.
There was a roll call vote on the motion to accept the hiring committee’s recommendation of Patrick Gamble for the open mapper position (Grade 9) with the Revenue Commission. Venable was the lone “no” vote. He said he did not approve of the process that was involved. At the April 1 meeting, Arnold said that the position was offered to Gamble first as an in-house transfer. He turned it down. As time passed Gamble had changed his mind, but by then an ad was sent to be put in the paper. The ad contained the information that the Jackson County Commission was accepting applications for a Chief Mapper from March 19, 2019 -April 1, 2019. Arnold stated that he tried to stop the ad from being published, but it was already too late.
Venable said there were no interviews conducted from the applications that were turned in during this time, as a result of the ad. Therefore, he voted no. The motion was approved with the 3-1 vote.
During the comments from commission, Sisk said that because of the newspaper articles and things in the paper that they have ruffled the feathers of people with the taxes and things. Someone asked him why the County needed the money when there was a new facility to meet in. He said “he didn’t really know anything about that right there.” He came in to the March 4 meeting and he was advised that the meeting was in the new meeting room. The concerned citizen said “so it was not voted on.” Sisk said it was not voted on by him. Venable stated that he would like to address the comment from Sisk. He said that there was a very minimal amount of money spent on the room. The money came from Capital Improvement dollars. “There is money spent out of that on general maintenance all the time and we don’t vote every time we change a light bulb or redo a door or change cabinets out, so it was done like that.” Guffey also included that the Capital Improvement dollars can not be spent on anything else, only capital improvements. Guffey said to him, “We needed something that represented Jackson County.” Attorneys from Google have been coming in and looking at Jackson County and he felt that they needed a room that when they did come in that they had a room that represented the people of Jackson County.
Other topics discussed:
•Motion to approve Lorraine Holmes to the Board of Equalization was approved
•Motion to accept hiring committee’s recommendation of Michael Crane for the full time HMT II position (Grade 5) for public works was approved.
•Resolution for the Pisgah and Skyline girls’ basketball teams were signed.

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