During the recent City Council Work session a resolution/agreement for the Highway Safety Improvement program for County Park Road and Highway 72 was again discussed.

The resolution to apply for HSIP funding for the intersection located at Highway 72 and County Park Road was discussed last April when Mayor Robin Shelton stated that he had met with property owners in the area. He stated the two primary concerns were the entrance and exits at Calvary Baptist and at McDonald’s. Then Council member, Keith Smith, voiced concern that this would possibly hurt businesses in the area and suggested that an access road be built from Red Stone to County Park Road so that every business would have the same benefit.
According to a map showing the improvements to be made, the exit of Taco Bell would be closed off, forcing traffic to enter and exit the business from one entrance, one exit from the Food Land shopping center would be closed, one entrance into the County Park Chevron would be closed, the access road from Impact Learning Center would be extended in front of No. 1 China into the entrance of Dunham’s, the entrances to Kentucky Fried Chicken and Impact from Highway 72 would be closed, the median on Highway 72 West in front of McDonald’s would be closed, forcing traffic leaving McDonald’s to drive East and traffic traveling East to turn at County Park to enter McDonald’s. In addition to closing several  entrances to local businesses, a red light would be installed on Highway 72 at the entrance between No. 1 China and Dunham’s if development occurs. According to Shelton, if growth is seen, it will be seen from that area East. ALDOT has awarded a grant in the amount of $1.1 million for these improvements, costing the City approximately $106,000. Only estimates have been done for the $1.1 million. Shelton stated that thousands of cars go up and down Highway 72 each day and this is one of the busiest intersections, affecting more than just the citizens of Scottsboro. The original traffic study performed by Volkert Engineering was approved at a cost of $38,000, which included task 1 of the project, on March 27, 2017. Volkert Engineering is expected to appear at the next Work Session, held on February 18.
According to Scottsboro Chief of Police Ralph Dawe in 2018 there were 86 traffic accidents with 18 injuries; in 2017 there were 168 accidents with 87 injuries and in 2016 there were 140 accidents with six injuries on Highway 72 between County Park Road and Liberty Lane. It was not clear if the largest portion of the accidents occurred near County Park Road or Liberty Lane.  However, according to the grant application, it appears that over a five year period only 148 crashes occurred from Highway 72 and County Park east for 0.3 miles. Of those, 88 were rear end crashes and 35 were angle crashes with 24 injuries.
Councilman Greg Mashburn questioned City Engineer Josh Little regarding  the repair of the red light at the intersection of County Park and Highway 72. Little explained that the State has not repaired the red light yet. He also stated that the traffic light at 35 and 72 has not been repaired, as they are under contract with the State.
Council member Mike Ashburn discussed the Solid Waste Director Job description. During the last City Council meeting  Human Resources Director Erin Green spoke to the council regarding the job description. Green stated there were some minimum qualifications previously changed. She then stated that Mayor Robin Shelton would like to see this position as a salaried position, not appointed by the council, that would fall in line with the IT director and city engineer positions. Ashburn made a motion to approve the job description, however, the motion died for lack of a second. Ashburn stated that by placing this position as an appointed position the ordinance would have to be amended, due to it being split. Shelton stated that his intent was not to amend the ordinance, but instead form a hiring committee with himself, Green and two city council members, Greg Mashburn and Pudge Bailey. Attorney Stephen Kennamer stated that there are job descriptions for jobs that they don’t have. Kennamer further stated that if the council wishes to adopt a job description, they have the right to do so and can make it appointed or hired. Either way the ordinance must be amended, because the Solid Waste Director position and job description does not exist at this time.
A representative from West Rock spoke regarding the 500-600 tons of “can not be recycled” bales at the landfill.  He stated that West Rock would like to help the City get things set up, however, those bales would have to be broken up and separated. Shelton questioned how other city’s do their recycling. The West Rock representative stated that some city’s are utilizing drop off points and he is unaware of city’s doing curb side residential pickup.
Drew McNutt spoke to the City Council regarding the Alabama High School Bass fishing tournament. McNutt stated that the Alabama Student Bass Association is interested in bringing the tournament to the City of Scottsboro in 2020 at Goose Pond. A host fee of $14,000 would be required. The fee would be split between the City Council and the Chamber of Commerce. Funds will be recouped by the 300 plus boats with three persons per boat, plus additional family members who will attend. The three day tournament would take place at the end of April, 2020. 

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