Imagine this scenario, “Awe, come on mom! It’s going to be a fantastic concert,” your 14 year old daughter pleads. Mom says, “You know I don’t like you going to concerts without an adult, even with your friends.

”Dad intervenes and said, “Quit being so overprotective mom!”  Mom thinks more about the request.  Her daughter never stays out past curfew. She and her friends are always on the Honor Roll.
Growing up in a nice neighborhood with somewhat overprotective, but loving parents, sex trafficking was never something these girls had ever heard of, much less thought of. As they usually look and dress older than they are, they believe they know everything, especially about staying safe.
The girls get dropped off at the concert, with a specific time designated for them to be picked up by mom or dad.
The concert is jam packed and the girls are screaming like thousands of other spectators. Soon they notice two cute, clean cut guys who are standing near them. Gradually the guys become very attentive, even flirty.  As the concert ends the guys introduce themselves as students at a nearby school. As they chat about the concert, the guys offer the girls a ride home. The girls say “No”- they already had a ride (not admitting it was mom who was driving) but agree to go across the street to a restaurant.
The guys buy alcoholic drinks for themselves and the girls (being underage but definitely not looking it).  It doesn’t take long for the girls to start feeling “buzzed” from the alcohol.  They go to the restroom where they both puke. When they return to the table, they have new drinks, which are now non-alcoholic. Within a few minutes, both girls become disoriented, unable to stand up, make any sense talking, or even answer and text on their cell phones.
Mom arrives on time and waits for them outside the concert venue and gets more and more worried when she can’t reach or see either of the girls. After waiting about 45 minutes, mom contacts police- who tells mom “They’ll show up soon.” But they don’t.
The girls have been abducted, taken to a “no-tell motel” outside of town, and handcuffed to a bed. Their ID’s, money and phones are taken from them. Both girls are raped repeatedly over a period of days. They are told that they will be killed if they try to escape and that their families will be killed too.  The truth is the really cute guys have sold the girls into slavery for a few hundred dollars and the girls now “belong” to a gang.
The horror of what happens to these girls during and after their abductions before they are found is too graphic to describe.
However, the importance of this story is this: parents – you can’t assume your children are safe in numbers. Human traffickers will use any means imaginable to isolate their target victims and lure them into a false sense of security. It can happen to girls or boys, women or men. Human predators know how to spot weakness in their victims, just like animal predators know how to find and isolate the weakest in a crowd.
FYI- there are more slaves in this country now than ever in history.
If you would like more information about human trafficking or need victim support call 1.888.373.7888 or


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