No one wants to see a relationship fail. You do not fall in love thinking what happens if this does not work out.

At the first sign of trouble no one thinks that there may be the potential for violence, but we live in a society that has tried to hide the ugly truth. Sometimes the people that we love and trust the most hurt us. They hurt us with their actions and words.
How did something that was once so exciting become so terrifying? What happens when abuse has taken away who you are? How do you begin to function again as a person when you do not feel whole? What does starting over look like without someone telling you how and what to do? These are just a few questions that survivors ask when confronted with the fear of leaving their abusive partner. Starting your life over is hard enough with a voice in your head telling you that you will fail, but it can seem next to impossible when someone has convinced you that if you leave not only will you fail but you also may be killed for it.
This is where a domestic violence advocate can make the impossible seem possible again. Advocates understand the fear, frustration, and pain that survivors feel when they are trying to gather the strength to leave. There is this black fog that seems to never lift around the future that once looked possible. With the help of trained advocates, survivors can start to see a light shine on their futures again by forming a safe exit strategy.
No one should have to live in fear or pain. If you are afraid to go home because the person you love has become the person who hurts you, there is help. Crisis Services of North Alabama provides free, confidential support for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Advocates offer case management, court advocacy, crisis counseling, relocation assistance, shelter, and support groups. There is no need to go through this alone. Whether you are still in an abusive situation, have escaped, or have a history with abuse, Crisis Services can help.
Abuse makes people feel isolated and alone. Often survivors feel like no one could possibly understand what they have lived through. Victims express anger and frustration with themselves. They no longer recognize the person staring back at them in the mirror. Survivors never fully become the person that they were before the abuse took place, but they do not have to go through life living as a victim any longer.
If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence, please contact Crisis Services of North Alabama. Advocates are waiting for the opportunity to meet with you or talk about how they can help. CSNA can be reached in Jackson County at 256-574-5826, 24/7 on the HELPline at 256-716-1000, or on our website at Feel free to share this information with anyone who needs support. We serve victims of domestic violence ages 19 years and up and sexual assault survivors ages 14 years and up. Our sexual assault response coordinators can also provide services to secondary victims who may be struggling with how to help their loved one through trauma.

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