When I’m old I shall not wear purple!

I shall continue to find mirth in the smallest things
I shall never be old in my mind,
I shall always be a 45 year old in a worn out body.
My spirit is as young as it has ever been!
I shall never think of myself as better than the lowliest.
I shall drink only one glass of wine instead of two and a half!
I shall still wear my skinny jeans and a big shirt!
I shall try to say “dang it” instead of something stronger.
I shall always laugh at myself.
I shall keep my sense of humor, for life can be funny.
I shall never forget from whom my blessings come.
I shall always hold dear the memories of my parents and what they taught me.
I shall try not to bore my friends with reciting my ailments and a list of the pills I am taking!
I shall always have empathy for my fellow man.
I shall continue to bask in the smile of a precious baby!
I shall always remember the poor and downtrodden and be their champion.
I shall always treasure my “alone time.”
I shall always treasure the precious relationship my daughter and I have.
She is my best friend. Grant that I shall not be a complaining burden to her. I want her memories to be happy ones for that is what I will take with me.
Grant that I may never feel sorry for myself. If, one day, I can no longer stand, Let me get out my chrocheting needles, pick up my paint brushes, get on my keyboard, flip on Pandora, or send a card, “Thinking of you, My friend.” I may not be able to do much but still, I can do something.
If my memory gets worse I shall not be embarrassed but continue to laugh because I cannot remember simple words people use everyday and say,
“Come on! Help me out here!”
I would like to retire from this world with the sounds of “Kansas City” blaring in the background, wiggling my toes if they will still wiggle, and go out like I have lived, loud and never still a moment!

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