By: Christine Sumner

Don’t worry. Be happy.
There are a lot of truths in this jingle. If we worry we cannot be happy.
Of course, we all worry about something but some of us worry about little insignificant things.
What is to be will be, so many times in spite of our worry and best efforts, bad things happen and we must learn to take one day at a time. True, it takes a lot of practice to adapt this habit in our lives but once we do we can live happier lives.
Occasionally, I am tested to the nth degree! For instance, within one week a tree was blown down on my house, burst the concrete on my patio. And the same angry wind dumped my irrigation pump into the lake as well as an expensive boat lift. The tree caused a leak in my bedroom that had to be fixed immediately. I discovered that someone I let have the key to offices in my former residence had illegally turned the water on without my knowledge and when I opened the door recently I discovered a burst water pipe in the bedroom and over a million gallons of water had run through the building since the freeze last February. I immediately hired people to commence tearing out carpet, cutting out hardwood that could not be saved and replacing the floor. I actually took one day at a time and systematically began renovation which it needed anyway but I just leave the checkbook on the bar in my kitchen to write the next big check.
In addition, during this time I can barely walk and have started therapy on my legs. Too much sitting at my computer for long periods. And to cap this all off I discovered my stuffed freezer had been off for several days. I immediately grabbed an arm full of grocery bags and began the disgusting job of emptying the bleeding bags of strawberries and blueberries and their wonderful juice along with a big container of Blue Bell low-fat vanilla ice cream that had turned to thick milky stuff and containers of the best soup I had made in a long time and my ever-present cartons of mixed beans ready for the microwave, all of it painfully carried to the dumpster one grocery bag at a time. My legs gave out completely about halfway through so I just closed the door, mopped the juice up and began again the next morning until my freezer was sparkling clean and white again.
Now I had a new irrigation pump installed but my poor beds of hydrangeas look they are on their last leg. The pump isn’t coming on but it will soon as my friend who installed it gets it fixed.
And that’s not all, my boat house is beyond repair and has to be torn down.
I can remember the times any one of these things would have had me ready to swallow a bottle of tranquilizers but all these things are minor compared to some real things that have happened in the past so I have learned to take each day as it presents itself. All these things can be repaired but matters of the heart cannot and they are the things that refuse to be fixed like a melted freezer.
We all react differently to matters of the heart. I do my best to keep these things inaccessible. But regardless of the guard I try to keep in place, it will drop at the most unexpected times like holidays, a movie, and other triggers that push their unwanted presence upon me and stay with me until I can somehow overcome.
God knows what He is doing and I trust Him to help me take care of anything that is thrown at me. He has helped me sift through each day and divide the important from the unimportant.
That old saying, “What is to be will be,” is so true if you will stop and think about it, and handle each problem that comes up with calm and faith.

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