If we want to be happy in this life and want others to be kind to us we must first learn to be kind and gentle to them.

Remember God is love and He wants us to emulate Him. It isn’t easy to accomplish but we must learn to look upon everyone with understanding and love. Because someone is haughty and hateful is no excuse to return those feelings to them. When people are unhappy some of them blame us all for their problems and we need to understand this. Understanding, however, doesn’t make it easier, sometimes, for us to accept their rude behavior.
We should all strive to be kind and gentle in our interactions with others.
We need to learn to treat others as Jesus would. On dealing with others imagine Jesus standing there watching you. Although you cannot see Him, nevertheless, He is ever watchful. He sees the good and the bad. Hadn’t we rather him see us being good instead of acting bad in our dealings with others.
We are suppose to strive to be the image of God. God is gentle and loving to all of us so if we are to emulate Him should we not strive to be loving and gentle to others? We need to show others love as Jesus shows love to us.
We need to look upon others as if they had a really bad day at work and have come home tired and weary and need some understanding. Imagine looking at that tired face and feeling anything but love.
We need to condition ourselves to ugly treatment by others and understand why they want to be ugly instead of being kind. That doesn’t mean we should “bear a fool gently.” It just means we should be more understanding . . up to a point.
As for me enough is enough. We cannot be expected to suffer the ugliness forever. There comes a time when enough is enough. Drop them and pray they realize their ugly ways and become a nicer being.

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