If you are doing drugs, do yourself a favor.

Right now get up and go look in the mirror. Do you see you or do you see someone you do not recognize. Is it the old, fun-loving you or the you that gets up every morning anxious to get on that train again, the one that is beginning to move faster and faster. Look at the eyes. Are those eyes you no longer recognize – Just who is that looking back at you. We can tell you. It is the new you that has nothing to do with the once proud old you. It is the new you who has lost the way. But no matter the path you are traveling on today, it is never too late to change directions but you need to do it as soon as possible. The longer you stay on that train the harder it is going to be to get off and if you don’t get off now maybe you never will.
It may not be so simple in your eyes to change a habit that has become a part of you and nobody said it would be easy but it is do-able. All you have to do is get on your knees right where you are and ask God to take your hand and lead you out of that wilderness you have staggered around in so long and He will. God is the key to Recovery, Him and your willingness to let Him do His work in your life. That’s it. But first you have to start somewhere and Celebrate Recovery is the best place we know of. There you will not feel so alone. There are others seeking the old life and more who have found it. Talk with others who are in recovery and let their message be encouragement to you.
Think about it–what future do you face today? Do you have a future at all considering the condition you find yourself in today. You can have. It is your choice. You only have two.  Quit and have a life or continue until it kills you! That’s it. No other choices.
We hope you choose the good life. Pick up the threads of the old life you left behind and take on a new life, drug-free and happy. Your goal in life should be peace. In the drug life you will never have peace. Think of the turmoil you are in all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk away from all that. Walk out into the sunshine and leave all the muck and mud behind you.
Celebrate Recovery meets every Thursday night at the First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. There is  a free meal at 5:30, praise and worship 6:15 and small groups at 7:15.
The Small Group is where you will meet others on your same journey and you can each support the other as you seek a better life.
Young addict, get off that stuff before it kills you.

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