Parents what are we going to do about this runaway drug problem!

Young people are killing themselves almost daily it seems. They either overdose purposely or by accident. I just had a message tonight to please help start a prayer chain for a young man who shot himself.
Please become aware that your child could become an addict at any time. I know a girl who started when she was 43. I have known a number of people who started after the age of 40. It is never too, late to seriously talk to your children, or anybody’s children, about what drugs will do to their lives.
We all think ours wouldn’t do that. I was so naive when I was younger. I actually didn’t talk to my children much about drugs. I thought they had better sense and one of them becoming an addict was the furthest thing from my mind. They were both precious and we went to Sunday School every Sunday and I thought I was doing all the right things but it can and will happen to anyone if the climate is just right and that special someone laughs and offers them a joint many think, “What will it hurt?” And that is what a lot of young people think. Pot is the window to heavy drugs.
Most addicts start that way. Then they need something stronger to get that same high and so it goes until they are a full-blown addict.
The average age they usually start is 12. So it is never too early to start.
Such precious young souls are being lost. Many I knew as children. Many have died. It breaks my heart. Nothing is as soul-wrenching as losing a child. The good part of your life dies, too. No more fun and laughter even when they become an addict. Only one thing consumes your mind, “Dear Lord, please save him/her.” Only they can save themselves. We can only pray they will. If the drugs don’t kill them their body gets in such bad shape it just cannot fight diseases like cancer. It just eats them up and it eats your very soul.
I want to help young people and believe I can. I have a plan in mind to work with some young children. Pray for this to work out. I believe He will hear you.

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