This is a letter I got from an inmate at Jackson County Jail.

I don’t know if I have used it before or not but it meant so much to me I kept it and want to share it with you. Women like this one is why I kept going to the jail even though I didn’t feel like it many nights. This letter has no date:

I just wanted you to know how much you are loved by all the women that you minister to here.
“Your love and devotion to God and to us has truly touched our hearts in ways that words could never explain.
I truly believe God sent you to be His servant - our angel to guide us thru our troubled lives and times on our journey back into the arms of our loving God.
It takes someone with a lot of compassion to give up so much time, love and dedication. It takes someone like you, Christine. Our guardian angel.
We all feel your love. We know you truly care about us and that you want us to know God as you do and you want us to know how good life can be when we live right and when we know that God is always by our side.
I just wanted you to know that you are an inspiration and we love you so very much. And thank you for having faith in us when we had no faith in ourselves.
P.S. I had to write this cause I doubt I could say it without crying. Tears are rolling as I write it.”

I felt like crying, too, as I read the words of this young woman that had made some wrong choices and it was so humbling to know God had reached her heart through me. God can use us in amazing ways if we will just open our hearts to Him and ask Him to use us. I take God seriously. He is real to me. I have seen what He can do in my life as well as others. He held me up many times when I could stand no longer. This was always the message I tried to convey to the women I worked with. God is not just a myth we hear preachers talk about. He is as real as we are and He is our best friend. It is so humbling to know He has used me many times to reach a heart. I know it can be done and it is such a disappointment to me that I can’t go to the jail every week as I once did. I hope it will be possible for me to go back or find a way to minister to them another way.

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