Saturday we said goodbye forever to my long-time friend, Peggy Word Holland McClendon.

Peg and I have been friends since our high school days at the old Jackson County High School. In fact, her whole family has been my friend for many years. It seems only yesterday we were huddled around the old pot-bellied stove in the old gym on those cold winter days and were expected to play softball the first period in the morning and we didn’t even have any place to wash our hands.
How the years fly by; today you are a happy-go-lucky teenager then there are those troubled years in between and finally old age jumps up and shows his shaggy head.
When I think of those high school, days, the happiest of my life, I think of that song, “Glory Days.” They truly were. Our biggest problem was what were we going to wear to the football banquet. We thought no further than that.
You are young only once and tho you don’t know it then, those years should not be squandered on such things as drugs and heavy partying.
Too bad we have to waste those years before we remember how precious they were.
I can’t believe Peggy is gone. I just sent her a card last week and got one from her just to say she hoped I was okay. She loved butterflies and I found some butterfly stickers I put on the cards I sent her. I’m glad I did for there is nothing I can do for her now. We need to remember to be good to those people in our lives that matter before they are gone. I seem to have systematically lost most of my family and so much was left unsaid. I once read, “live every day as if it was your last,” and I agree for we never know if it truly is our last.
We bid our farewell to Peggy Word Holland McClendon and send our loving sympathy to all her big caring family. We all loved you. There will not be another.
I remember when Peggy and Tommy married just before he left for the Korean War along with many of our other classmate, some of them never to return. During those war years Peg worked at Word Lumber Company, her father’s (Mr. Cecil Word) lumber business, on Willow Street, just off the square, in downtown Scottsboro.

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