Try to find joy

As we go through life it is peppered with things that can keep us unhappy and many times there is not a thing you can do about it but you can learn to save yourself a lot of misery by conditioning yourself every morning to try to have the best day you can by not getting your hackles up over every single thing that irritates you.
If your child spills a glass of milk in the floor and perhaps broke the glass as well, don’t scold them. You know they are expecting you to have a fit and are scared to death.
You know they did not spill the milk on purpose and they need your reassurance it’s no big deal and tell them you know they did not spill it on purpose and get the paper towels and clean the mess up.
I remember once one of mine dropped a half gallon of grape Kool Aid on the kitchen floor and the linoleum absorbed it. My child was scared to death because of the mess that had been made till I didn’t react in a mad way and assured him I knew he didn’t do it on purpose. I always tried to imagine how I would feel in their place.
That’s how we should try to live our lives, as uncomplicated as possible, treating others as you want to be treated. We have all known people who delighted in being rude to others. Instead of getting mad at them, look at what kind of life they have. Something has happened or is happening to them to make them mad at life and they are directing that anger at you because they cannot direct it at the person who has made them that way. Maybe the parent has been verbally abusive to them and they grew up angry. I have known such cases and if you are one of those people you need to really assess your life and ask yourself if you want to spend your life angry or do you want to be cordial to people and begin enjoying living. I’ve known people who never had joy in their life because they didn’t know how as they had been raised without any joy and with an ill-tempered parent. It is a disaster for this to happen to someone and not easy to change.  To have any joy in life we have to learn to laugh at ourselves and not be embarrassed at some of the dumb things we do. I have really pulled some boners in my life and was the first one to laugh.
One of the funniest things I ever did was fall through a chapel wall. I think I have told you this before but it is worth re-telling. I was on a Kairos Outside Weekend and the meetings were being held in a large fellowship hall and a chapel had been sectioned off with sheets of Styrofoam. After our last service all of us were leaving the chapel when someone stopped in front of me, and being the klutz I am, fell right through the chapel wall “before God and everybody,” as the old saying goes! Well, I couldn’t get up for laughing! The spectacle of how I must look lying there on that pile of Styrofoam struck me as being absolutely hilarious and I could hardly get up, with help.
At the next weekend I worked,  some lady came up to me and said, “You’re the one that fell through the chapel wall, aren’t you,” and we both had a good laugh.
It goes back to that old saying, “Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.”
Life is short, folks. Let your light shine by finding joy in the mundane things of life and make someone smile as you journey along.

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