Since I have bouts of depression from time to time I have a few little things that can help a little.

Recently, I bought some bright colored paper birthday paper plates instead of the conventional ones. I bought a bright St. Patrick’s Day towel for the kitchen and some wild napkins. Anything different from the mundane things I had been using. I had my hair cut a different way and I started putting on decent clothes every day instead of the usual grungy stuff I usually wear around the house. Anything to change the boring things we do routinely day to day. I bought new colorful garden gloves and pot holders.
I bought different bath soap in a pretty color and some envelopes of good smelling sachet and put them in different rooms. Then I bought a dozen or more greeting cards to mail to friends on different occasions.
All the above was bought at the Dollar Tree and cost only pennies. Then I bought new soft sleep ware in pink and pastel blue (not at the Dollar Tree!) I bought a little plastic tote for my vanity to keep the hair spray, lotion, etc. In so I could quickly clean my vanity by moving them all at one time. Then I switched on music as I went about my chores. I put all my clothes on hangers, tee shirts, sweat shirts and pants and arranged them together so I could easily find them.
All this is to say find something to keep you busy. I never get up in the morning without a plan or I plunk down on my favorite chair and pick up my iPad or a book or go to the computer. I look up things I am inquisitive about. If I feel bad that day I do nothing but read or look up something on Pinterest. I love their light recipes or I sit down and write two or three columns and send them to Mazie at the Clarion.
I never sit and twiddle my thumbs. If I didn’t stay busy every day I could sit and cry a lot but I don’t. Something else I don’t do is visit the cemetery. I did once and it was too much for me and I haven’t been back. I refuse to punish myself that much. There is no one in that grave so no need to punish yourself. When I  feel I’m up to it I do flower arrangements but I have decided a single rose on each grave is enough. I have eight graves to remember and remember I do as I visit each one and it is torture for me remembering each family member and it serves no purpose for them or for me. Don’t torture yourself needlessly. I am pretty successful keeping them out of my mind because I have learned to keep so busy I don’t have time to think.
Something else you need to do and it will really keep you busy. Write your memoirs for your children. If you don’t have a computer buy several spiral notebooks and begin with your first memory of life and write it just like you are talking to them. They will treasure it always. When you start this you will remember things you haven’t thought about in years.
Well, I have given you some ways to fight off the blues but there are times when nothing will do. Call a friend to come over or just get out of the house and have a good cry and cut it off as soon as possible and go to any store even if you don’t buy anything but stay out of the house  until  you feel you can go back.
When you get back to the house proceed to get all those cobwebs down you have been neglecting then sweep the carport and porches. Now run you a nice bubble bath, light a fragrant candle, pour you a glass of wine in one of your nicest wine glasses, turn off the light and turn on Pandora to some nice elevator music and soak all the sadness away.


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