I never realized until these past few years how much I always depended on my mother no matter what, good or bad, I would always share my feelings with her.

If I was feeling good or feeling bad she would encourage me or if I as feeling bad she would reassure me that everything would be alright.
How I miss not being able  to pick up the phone and call her. In fact I catch myself almost doing just that sometimes. I never realized I would be alone one day without being able to hear her loving voice to reassure me on the days I need her so badly. We take our parents for granted most of our lives thinking they will always be there and we don’t really appreciate them until they are gone.
All my life my mother was the center of my life. I knew she was such a good person and that I could always depend on her advice and I needed it so many times during some of those years. If I was mad at someone I can hear her now saying, “ Sis, that’s just her, or his, way. They don’t mean it personally,” but I would disagree with her on this point but her kindness toward others soothed me anyway no matter how much I disagreed.
And when real trouble would bear down on me to the depth of my soul, I could always talk it out with her and she could always assure me that everything would be all right. In all those years when people would hurt me and I would discuss it with her, she never said ugly things about my adversary. Not that she would take their side but she had a way of understanding those who seemed to enjoy hurting others.
It is only as I have gotten older that I have begun to understand those who resent happiness in others. I was so happy and outgoing in my younger days and there were those who wanted to put me “in my place” through no fault of my own but you don’t understand until many years later.
I read in a church bulletin once that a young girl was asking for prayers because she was suicidal. I called the church and got her phone number and called her and asked her to please come talk to me which she did. I had never met her before and saw that she was a very beautiful young woman. I knew immediately what the problem was, she was just too beautiful for some to stand and this turned out to be the truth. They had bullied her till she quit college and came home. They had caused her trouble with her boy friend and bullied her so badly she did not want to live any more. I explained to her that they were intimidated by her beauty and that they were the ones who had the problem. I told her some of my experiences when I was her age and convinced her there was nothing wrong with her. We talked for two or three hours or more.
A few days later I had a letter from her. She was feeling so much better and I could tell she was going to be alright. Six or eight months later she was engaged to be married.
I may have told you this story before but I hope it reaches someone that it will help understand why they are being bullied. There is nothing wrong with you. Some people are jealous of something you are that they aren’t.
You must understand this. It is jealousy. Someone once said, “they will not bother to argue with you if you haven’t said something that interests them.”
We just have to learn to live with the bullies but we don’t have to accept them and let them get us down. Just remember, “I know who I am and they can’t touch me.” And stay as far away from them as possible and, if you can, don’t show any emotion to them. That is what they crave to make them feel good. Deny them this. Walk away with your head held high and remember there are so many mean people out there that will hurt you if you
will let them. The treatment of our President right now is a good example.

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