Whether we know it or not we all seek peace in our lives, a life without that feeling of your heart about to jump out of your mouth because someone Said something that made you mad or upset you.

It isn’t their fault you are so upset. It’s yours. We must learn how to react, or not react, to the every day aggravations in life.
The first thing we must conquer is our mindset. We must decide to either react or not react to the ugly things we may often encounter. If you are having a conversation that suddenly turns ugly, don’t say another word and get away as soon as you can. Do not reply. I had a friend who recently went into a tirade about my presidential preference. Instead of reacting I just didn’t say a word and sat and stared out at the water until she decided to change the topic. I never did respond and neither did I get mad at her. I love her but not enough to forfeit my peace of mind.
You have to discipline yourself not to react to negative situations. I could have gone on and on as to why I liked the candidate but what would that have accomplished. It is immaterial whether people agree with me on everything. It’s their prerogative. You feel one way, they feel another. End of discussion.
Life can be so simple once you make up your mind that nothing is worth forfeiting your peace for. Stay away from toxic people. They have no place in your life and they will see to it that you have no peace, whether it is intentional or not. Their friendship is not worth your peace. Select your friends carefully, the ones who also see life as smooth sailing, no big waves coming in to upset your boat. You may have to be patient.
Many of us enjoy our time alone to have long silent conversations with ourselves. Some of us may turn our phones off till we feel like talking. We may not turn the TV on for the noise. The quietness is a peaceful time for reflection, a good time to read your Bible, to have a silent talk with Him.
To have peace in life you must value your peace over having the last word.
I’m not saying to let someone be abusive to you and never reply. There are rare times you can’t let it go on. Once in awhile someone will cause you to over ride your rule of don’t respond. I can remember a few times that has happened to me. When that happens you have a right to respond but do it without being mad if you can. A time or two I couldn’t restrain myself and answered with exactly how I felt and stuck to the truth of how I had been treated and how I would not tolerate that any more, all without hatred. Just fact, and on one occasion I cannot deny I was mad, the fighting kind.
When this happens to you, state your case and never look back nor go back. Done.
In milder cases just state your case to your friend, let that be the end of it and remain friends but in most cases when you know someone is trying to steal your peace, even a best friend, it is better to walk away because if that is their mindset it will happen over and over and their friendship is not worth the headache.
You must learn to ignore and walk away. Again, your peace is not worth a tirade that destroys your peace for days to come. As you learn to do this it will become a way of life and come naturally until you can avoid trouble without ever having to think about it.
A lot of the peace-stealers appear when there is a group of women. I don’t belong to any group and haven’t in a long time. I was elected president of a group once and every time I arose from my seat to address the group a woman would challenge me in the ugliest way possible. I took it for several meetings and I saw she would never accept being my vice-president so I packed all the club records up in the orange crate they had come to me in, put the presidents pin on top and lugged it up a long flight of stairs to her office that was locked so I deposited my burden in front of the door. That journey back down those stairs was the most peaceful I had felt in months.
I quit this club that I loved because I knew I would not have any peace as long as this woman was there. You have to be willing to sacrifice if you want to keep your peace.
I can tolerate almost anything thrown at me and retort with a well-suited answer and never break a sweat but it’s not worth it. Sometimes I’m tempted to match wits with them just for fun.
Keep your peace, Bro!


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