Today is a sad day in our country. Every newspaper, news magazine, television, even your computer and iPads are filled with hate and controversy worse than I have ever seen in my long lifetime.

The first President I remember is Franklin D. Roosevelt, then Truman and all the presidents since but I have never seen Americans hate Americans like they do today.
Sure there were Republicans and Democrats and, of course, one side always lost and the people who had voted for the loser moped around a few days and that was it.
Of course, there was no television agging them on but I don’t believe there was the bitter hatred we see today. It truly is scarey how our own people hate each other so vehemently as we need to be on the same side as united Americans against the enemy. But it is not so.
I won’t pretend to make this column about politics but I am concerned about the terrible hatred between citizens of this United States. Individuals are being hated for no other reason except they belong to the wrong party.
Recently I stumbled upon the wrong site which seemed to be exclusively for haters only. Every post was someone saying terrible things, personal things, about Sarah Huckabee. It absolutely nauseated me to see them hate a young woman they had never even met and didn’t know. There were more than 100 posts calling her ugly, making fun of her clothes, her hair, her size, calling her an addict, a drunk, a pig, made fun of her eyes, called her mentally unstable, and every vile thing they could think of. It actually hurt me to hear this young mother so verbally defiled. It makes no difference what party she belonged to, I would still sympathize with her and wonder where all this vitreous abuse is coming from. By the number of them and all concentrated in the same place they seemed very organized.
Sarah is a very courageous person to walk out there and hold her head up knowing she is hate so much. Such a tragedy the country we once enjoyed is no more. No doubt about it and it makes me homesick.
But as Ernie Pyle famously said, “You can’t go home again.” I’m afraid he was right.


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