I have just read of another young child taking his life because of bullying.

Kyle Alan Lucas was only 12 years old when he decided he would rather be dead than face his bullies in school one more time.
My heart aches right along with his parents for this didn’t have to happen.
Because some kids were not raised to have compassion, a young boy is dead. They made him feel his life was worth nothing and convinced him of it. They made him feel he didn’t have a friend in this world so he decided he wasn’t worth living! Oh, if only some of his classmates had come to his rescue and befriended him he might still be alive today!
What heartbreak his family is suffering for his loss. This will last a lifetime because of these bullies. What is in the heart of a bully. Let me tell you what I think. Something is lacking in his life so he takes his anger out on one of his classmates. He is devoid of compassion or love. Why? This is what his parents need to ask themselves.
I have had personal experience with bullying. One night some girls called my child and told her someone was going to beat her up the next day. She cried all night and I had to sleep with her and keep assuring her she would be okay but another day she was not alright. Some bully kept kicking her in the back at a gathering in the gym. As if that wasn’t enough my aunt, who was a mean minded teacher who gave achieving students in her class a very hard time, told her teacher she was throwing food in the lunchroom, a total falsehood because the aunts child had problems and she took it out on mine. Unbelievable? Yes? But it happened more than once.
When your child is bullied it breaks their heart, their spirit, their self-esteem.
They don’t want to go to school any more when they loved it before. It may stunt their learning because their attention is going to be on what is going to happen to them in the lunchroom or at recess.
Something must be done people! Parents of bullies, along with their child should be called to the principle’s office for a warning and tell them the consequences if it happens again.
I have a young friend who has threatened to kill himself a number of times over the years. His parents live with the fear of him doing it the next time he has to face bullies. He is a handsome young man. Maybe that’s what the bullies don’t like. Who knows the reasons in the bully’s head.
Parents need to talk to their children before they start to school and tell them to let someone know if they are being bullied. Parents should warn their children that they had better not ever hear of them being a bully but we have a feeling the bullies have not been talked to at all.


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