Well, Christmas has come and gone with all the fun, food and fellowship but we will have enough good memories to last till next year.

It is too bad we do not have the time for family get-togetherness except on a few holidays but that is the way it is today. We are all too busy with one thing or another we just cannot make time for merriment.
So many members of my family are gone and how I wish I had made more time, especially for my parents who sacrificed so much for me. When we are young we fail to realize our parents are just ordinary people like us with the same wishes and desires that we have but because of their love for us their desires are many times put aside in order to make our dreams come true.
But parents gladly do that because they love us so much and our lives and future are so important to them and we sometimes don’t realize it till too late.
I wish I had told my parents that I loved them more often. I wish I had made more time for them.
But in our youth we are so full of ourselves we seldom think about our parents’ wants and dreams and most parents are okay with that for they want us to achieve the dreams they never had a chance for.
I took my parents for granted and never thought about them being gone from my life one day.
We expect them to be there forever. But there is one way we can keep them near and that is by remembering the good things they taught us; most importantly “to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I cannot remember when my mother started telling me this but I grew up with this always in my head and I tried to teach my children the same thing for this is so important. If we all adhered to this edict there would be no bullying today and we would all get along and have respect for each other.
Parents also need to take time to instill good thoughts and actions in their children. Teach them to be kind. Kindness is so important in the world around us. So many unkind words are hurled at each other causing hurts that may never heal. And it is so unnecessary. Think before you speak and save a lot of heartache. If you are upset with someone, sit down and talk to them about it. I know, there are people you just cannot talk to. If you have a problem with this kind of person all you can do is walk away. Don’t let them steal your joy. It isn’t important to have the last word. When I would tell my mother some ugly thing that had been done or said I to me she never failed to say something like this, “Sis, she didn’t mean it, that’s just her way.” No matter who I was mad at this or something similar would be her answer. She never got mad at my imagined adversary and it always made me respect her.
As we enter a new year. Try to be kind to everyone you meet. Let’s spread kindness and happiness wherever we go. Let’s make this a better world.


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