Two thousand years ago a young thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl was about to give birth to the most important baby ever born on this earth.

An angel appeared to a young girl called Mary and told her she had been chosen by God to give birth to a baby by Immaculate Conception and He was to be called Jesus. The baby was due any time but a census was to be taken and everyone had been instructed to go to Bethlehem to be counted. So Joseph and his bride, the young Mary, made plans right away to go to Bethlehem to be added to the census. With Mary riding on a donkey they made their way to Bethlehem but when they got there many people were already there and had taken all the available space in the inn which probably held only a few people but the innkeeper offered the young couple his stable. By this time Mary knew her child was about to be born and there was no where to lay the newborn child in the barn where they were staying so young Joseph frantically placed hay in one of the feeding troughs there in the stable. In my mind I can hear Mary frantically telling her young inexperienced husband the baby was coming. No doubt the young husband also made Mary a bed of straw on the floor of the stable where she gave birth to the greatest Man who ever walked the earth. Can you imagine the consternation of these two young inexperienced people as Mary was about to deliver God’s chosen baby in a barn and neither knew anything about birthing a baby. History proves they did a good job and the little straw bed awaited the Christ Child. Immediately upon His birth one of the brightest stars anyone had ever seen shown in the east and was seen by some shepherds who were tending their sheep. They knew something important had taken place so they followed it to Bethlehem where the new born Christ Child lay in a dirty barn in a lowly feeding trough filled with hay.
What an inspirational story! The Christ Child who would one day die to save us all was born in a barn and his bed was an animal feeding trough. Yet He became our blessed King so filled with love it must have literally glowed from Him and today you can feel that love if you will find a quiet place, close your eyes and be alone with Him. With your eyes closed picture young Mary about to give birth to our Savior riding on the back of a donkey all the way to Bethlehem probably already in labor. This was not a mature woman who had experienced childbirth before.
This was a young inexperienced girl about thirteen or fourteen years old and must have been scared to death of what was about to happen to her body. And Joseph a young boy himself, found himself with his wife God had chosen to give birth to His Only Child and the best he could do for the birthing was a dirty barn stable. Where were they going to lay this new baby and where was Mary going to lay as she gave birth to Him.
Oh, God, if only people today would think about our Savior being born in a barn to parents who had nothing they would realize anything is possible with Gods help. He sent His only son to lead us to Heaven but so many do not stop and listen to that sweet voice whispering in our ear, “follow me, I am the way .”
Maybe God arranged for Jesus to be born in a barn to show us we don’t have to have riches to be great. Greatness comes from the heart. No matter what material possessions you have and have no compassion in your heart you are dead. No Godly light shines from you. You will never experience that glorious feeling of discipleship and relationship with God. How blind some of us are. We literally are blind to Jesus’ love and what it can do to our lives. Without it we are just blowing in the wind. There isn’t much substance to us. We will never experience the joy of laying socks in the hands of someone whose own socks have long ago worn out. We will never feel the joy of paying utilities for someone about to be left in the cold or buying a bicycle for a child whose friends all have one while he stands by empty handed watching others play. Oh, Lord, the compassion that pours out of the heart of those who know him. He told us to feed the hungry, give clothes to the naked, invite strangers into our home, to visit those in jail, to give drink to those that thirst and He said when we refuse to do this to the lowliest of these we are refusing Him. That is some heavy stuff to think about.
Jesus was a lowly carpenter who hung out with sinners. You did not find Him breaking bread with the rich. He took two loaves of bread and seven fishes and fed a multitude of hungry people. Again what an example of the love He had for needy people. He taught us by example.
Today we might say He not only talked the talk but walked the walk. He wants us to go and do likewise.
Merry Christmas! Make the lights shine brighter by helping those who cannot help themselves. In my mind every time you help someone a little light goes off in the sky. Let’s keep those lights burning not only at Christmas but all the time. God love you all. My heart overflows.

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