Parents the suicide rate in teenagers is growing. 

We need to try to find out what is worrying them to the point they want to do such a thing.
One young man I know wanted to die because of bullying.  They don’t realize they will soon be out of school and away from those who want to hurt them but they also need to be made aware that there is always going to be someone who will want to bring them down for one reason or the other.  Sometimes it is jealousy for one thing or another as simple as a child having one of those popular brand name shoes they all want now.  Sometimes it is something so minute you would never believe it.
Children need to be taught compassion from the time they can talk. You need to point out to them someone they should have compassion for and tell them God wants them to love that person because he has problems or for whatever reason.  There are children who would never bully another child.  That is because that child has been taught compassion.  We can teach them compassion by our own actions.
Once we had a neighbor who had two spinal bifida babies who had no dryer and was afraid to go hang her clothes on the line and leave the baby with the older child.  Someone called me and asked me if I could help raise some money to buy her a dryer.  I wasn’t working at the time and only had some money I had been saving to buy a dishwasher and told this person how much I had and my children heard me on the phone and both brought me their piggy banks and said they wanted to give their money to the baby and I praised them for doing this and I poured their money into a bag and added it to mine.  Then I called a woman I went to church with that I knew had plenty of money and asked her to help this family. She quickly and rudely told me nobody had ever helped her with her mother who was sick and they could get their own money just like she had.  I called one other person I knew I could always depend on.
I don’t usually call names but few know how much Albert Parks helped people.  I called Albert and told him the situation and he was going to buy the dryer but I told him I had some money I would bring to him.  When I told him all the change was from the children’s piggy banks he didn’t want to take it and I insisted for I wanted them to feel proud they had helped this baby.  
Not too long into the future some money was made available For a dishwasher just as I knew it would be.  I have never doubted the Lord would make a way when there seemed no way possible.  That’s just how it works. . . You help Him and he helps you but I never bargain with Him.  I do my part without trying to “swap favors” with Him.  I just do it knowing He will take care of me and mine.  It never fails.  I know He will provide.  Many times unexpected help comes my way when I have helped “till it hurt.”  I always know it will and if not now then in His time.  He is a faithful Father and He takes care of his children. Always remember that when someone else needs something more than you do.  Go ahead and help him.  God will see to it you don’t lose your money.  
My children would have never bullied anybody.  I know that for a fact.  They were bullied to tears, both of them.  At one time or another I had to go to the school and pick them up because they had been bullied to tears.  It made me so sad to think children that young could want to make another child cry.  
They were taught from the time they could walk to help rather than hinder. We gathered some of their little friends at Christmas time and went to the nursing home and went room to room and sung to them as well as talked to the patients and gave candy to the ones who could have it.  What an impression it had on them and what compassion they learned from these elder people.  I wanted them to grow up with compassion for others and I tried to show them instead of just telling them.  I cannot remember being without compassion from second grade when I was giving my lunch to a young brother and sister who had none.  Seeing those children sitting there with nothing to eat while the rest of us brought out our biscuit and eggs broke my young heart.  The teacher told mother what I was doing so she started making enough lunch for all of us.  Those children sitting there hungry never left my memory and perhaps helped mold me as an adult.
Somewhere I have read, “give till it hurts,” and many times the people who can hardly afford it are the ones who give anyway.  They know how God works.


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