Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is just around the corner.

“Time flies,” to coin an old cliche’. One day I’m a teenager and the next I’m standing with one leg on a banana peel!
But how thankful I am for the life the Lord has allowed me to have. Among all the heartaches along the way there has been untold joy in life. The joy of seeing a newborn baby’s face as it looks around at its strange new environment. The walks in the woods at this time of year when everything is shedding the old and preparing for the new. Seeing adoring young couples getting married and starting on that new journey together.
Witnessing a newborn into a family that treasures it beyond belief.
There is so much to be thankful for as we look around us each day. The little minute things that are often overlooked; finding a four-clover and pressing it between the pages of a favorite book; watching dogs and children gleefully romp and play squealing with delight as they roll on the grass. These are the things happiness is made of. The beautiful little things that brighten our otherwise boring days.
Today lets become more aware of the special happy things we witness each day and be thankful we had the privilege. God is good. He sends little packets of happiness to us sometimes when we need it most.
Tomorrow as you go about your usual day take time to notice all the small pockets of happy delight hiding here and there in the most unique, unexpected places where God put them just to bring a little sunshine where there were dark shadows before.
It is the little unexpected delights that warm us on an otherwise cold and dreary day.
Be happy. Look for the sunshine and if it rains get out your umbrella and refuse to slow down.


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