When that heavy steel door slams behind them shutting them away from life as they have always known it is an eye- opener for those who are entering jail or prison for the first time.

Finally they are sober enough to realize what they have done to their lives. The finality of that heavy steel door slamming shut, the cacophony from those already there, the depressing atmosphere and total lack of respect is something they are quickly going to have to get use to.
You may have been a big shot dealer on the outside but on the inside you are just another inmate with an orange jumpsuit on. They look around.
This is going to be their life now but there is an up-side to this story. Many recovering addicts have told me, “I would be dead if I had not gone to jail.”
And I believe them, and they not only need to go to jail but they need to stay long enough to finally realize they are going to have to straighten up or live this way the rest of their lives and if they choose the latter, the rest of their lives may not be as long as they had hoped. For drugs kill! And that is a proven fact. I’ve known so many young people that have died way too soon. Every time I hear of a drug death I wish I could have had a chance to talk to them. God has given me that gift of being able to get through to an addict.
I once received the following letter from a woman in prison:
“If I had not been arrested then I’m sure I would have never quit using drugs. How do we let ourselves get that way? Now I know I was trying to fill a hole in me with anything. Thank God that hole is filled with His love. In our despair, against our will we find peace in the grace of God. I am at peace now. There were so many things I put ahead of the Lord. I’m learning to put Him first even before family . . .”
“Healthwise, I’m great. Haven’t felt this well in years. I no longer have the desire to smoke or do drugs. The little blessings God gives me can give me a real buzz. Guess that’s being high on life. It’s amazing.
Thank the Lord for visits and the use of the phone. Write when you can.
Getting mail is a high point to any day . . .”
I have seldom talked to an addict that didn’t tell me they were trying to fill an empty hole in their soul but it is up to us to try to give them something besides drugs to fill the emptiness. Love and kindness are the answer. Do it.

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