There comes a time in our lives when there seems to be no appropriate words to say;

there seems to be nothing to say to someone who is losing a loved one day after terrible day. But one sentence is always appropriate and sufficient, “I love you.” Those three words cannot make the pain go away but it goes straight to the heart like nothing else you can say. It is not a time for words. Words are meaningless. “I know how you feel,” as I have caught myself saying. No, you don’t.
Everyone hurts differently. Nothing can ease it, nothing can take the memories away, nothing can stop your heart from screaming inside your chest. Nobody can see it but we all need to remember it is there. I believe, “I love you,” and a caring arm around a shoulder is the most healing thing you can do for someone so overcome with grief.
Some people handle it better than others. For me, when I lost my son and was finally home alone I didn’t scream. I moaned, wrung my hands, walked the floors, I could finally let my real feelings out so I screamed till I could scream no more. You don’t know what to do, where to go so you won’t be alone, how can you go into your bedroom tonight and go to bed and turn the light out and lie there in the dark. I would immediately turn the lamp back on and get out of bed and walk some more and cry some more. “What am I going to do?” I asked myself over and over and I found only one answer. I knew Someone who could help so I walked and I prayed, “Dear Lord, You have my son now. Please take care of him like I’ve ways tried to do. He is such a precious little boy. He will always be a little boy to me for those were the happiest days of my life. I loved my children to a fault. They were more important than the beds being made and the floors being vacuumed. I taught them to love nature and we would go for walks in the woods in the spring when things were just coming to life. “How in the world am I going to get these thoughts out of my mind, Jesus. Oh, Lord, I will never make it without you!”
I barely existed for several years. But knowing the love my son had for me helped ease my pain. Before he left me, one day when we were alone, He said, “Mom, I’ll always be with you. I won’t be but I will be, if you know what I mean.” I knew exactly what he meant and after several years I tried to picture him joyful among the clouds playing with the angels and maybe helping one of them if they needed it.
Few times in my life have I dared relive those days but I love some precious souls who are hurting Iike I was hurting and a precious heartbroken mother who is going through the same thing I did and I wanted to say a fraction of what it feels like. You are so broken you can barely remember who came but you will always remember every single person who put their arms around you and whispered those three little magical words, “I love you.”
Nothing heals like love and we must remember that God is love and He will be by our side even If everyone else abandons us.


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