Over and over I see posts by mothers and others who are heartbroken over their child who is doing drugs.

It breaks my heart also for I know the agony they are in.
If you are an addict and reading this I want to give you something to think about:
Are you going to use that stuff and increase the dose more and more until it kills you?
Are you not thinkng about your future and what it will be like if you continue down the same road you are now traveling?
Do you realize what you are doing to the mother who gave birth to you?
Do you care?
Ask yourself what kind of future you do want?
Do you want to wake up each morning wanting another hit and that is all that is important?
Do you want a family of your own with a precious baby or two? It will never happen with your present situation.
Sit down and make a list of things you do want for your future. Is that possible with the shape you currently are in? Think about this seriously.
Think about what you are denying yourself. Is it worth it?
Compare what you could have with what you have today. There is no comparison. It is your choice. Which will you choose?
Your choice will Define your life for the rest of your days.


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