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The Addict
As a Facebook friend is always saying, “Love is the answer,” and it truly is.
It is my belief that you can love someone so much he will want to stop just for you. It is also my strong belief that something has interrupted that stream of love they once felt so they try to numb the pain. Whatever it was I still believe love is the best medicine. You may not see its immediate effects but if the pain isn’t so bad they can’t tolerate it I believe your love can eventually change their minds.
It’s worth a try. Nothing has helped so far and love is the only thing that might help. The screaming and fussing just makes it worse. Nobody wins that way and you stand a good chance of losing.
As bad as it sounds I honestly believe some parents drive their kids to do drugs because they can’t take the nagging any more; can’t take the I never can please you no matter what I do; can’t take never being praised for a job well done; can’t take your harshness; your no love attitude; can’t take your raising but never praising; can’t take wondering if you even love them; and can’t take believing you don’t love them because of your hateful, demanding attitude toward them constantly. We have all seen this kind of parenting where the parent never praises the child no matter how hard he tries. I had a young friend once who was terrified if she thought she was going to get a B in school. If she did it was a belt whipping for sure.
Parents, it’s time to take inventory. Have you bonded yourself to your child with love? Have you talked to them about God and how much He loves them and how much you love him, too. If you haven’t then you are making a grave mistake.
But sometimes nothing you do is enough especially if there is constant pain that is always there. The relationship between my son and me was something so beautiful and precious but it wasn’t enough to make up for the childhood he had to give up when that truck hit him when he was only eleven years old putting him on two crutches for the rest of his life. No more friends, no more childhood. But nothing ever came between our love for each other. He was my image. So kind and loving to me always and told his friends how much I meant to him and yes, I yelled at him. I threatened him. I took the car, refused to give him money but I never refused him my love and he never hated me for yelling at him but there were times I hated myself for not being able to stay calm and for saying mean things to him. He was always my precious baby and I never loved him less.
I think it was the constant pain in the beginning but as a young father told me recently he just missed it and got back on it because he loved it but he had the good sense to go for medical help and started going to Celebrate Recovery and trying to recover his life before it was too late. He wasn’t so far gone he never missed a day of work. I will see him often and I believe he will be sober because he wants to and I believe in him.
Dear God, help Your children see what they are doing to themselves and the people who love them. Father, lead them out of the darkness into Your light. Amen.

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