Folks, be honest!

There’s nothing like the pleasure of knowing someone you can leave in your home for weeks and know they won’t take a thing.
There’s pleasure in knowing someone who had rather give than take.
I sometimes think of it this way. I buy something I really wanted and someone comes up and snatches it and runs off with it!
We have all dealt with dishonest as well as honest people and what a treasure to have someone say about you, “she wouldn’t take anything ever.” What a good reputation to leave people with.
The one that has always amazed me is when someone owes you money, you are the mean one.
Have you ever run across this one. Tear your property up because you ask them for what they owe you in a civil way.
All our life we have tried to give instead of take away. We treat everyone like family. It is just that built-in be good to everyone and they will be good to you. But that is not why we are good to people. It is God’s way and it is my way. I don’t have to think about it. It’s me. And I keep trusting people to be nice and really believe in them. And, it’s ironic, I think they feel the same about me. I’m still gullible after years of knowing better. Sometimes it seems they are punishing you because you are too weak to fight back. But that isn’t it. Even when you have gone to the limit even helping furnish their house, they always forget. Even when they owe you hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars, they forget.
Another thing is maybe unique to me. I don’t get mad at them. I may state the situation to them in a civil manner but I never hate them for I know they don’t realize what they are doing to their lives. They have never known the real God nor experienced His Goodness like I have. I cannot do bad things to Him when He has blessed me so even though it is hard to experience the wrongs I have experienced during my lifetime. A time or two I have had to tell God, “‘Scuse me, Lord. I’ll be right back, soon’s I get this taken care of,” but I always regret not keeping my peace.
When someone does something spiteful to me without cause it hurts. I still don’t hate them and wish we could be friends but I walk away and never trust them again. Just no time for people we can’t trust.
All this is to say you are writing your reputation on the wall for all to see, especially God. You can never fool him. Those things you have taken that don’t belong to you should remind you every time you look at them that someone else took money out of their pocket to pay for it.
The world, nor our neighbors, owe us anything. We are all on our own. I hear the phrase, “don’t trust him! He stole me blind!” So there goes another job you could have had and soon you may run out of offers.
When someone deliberately destroys your property because they owe you money is really not believable but it does happen and you feel sorry that that person has been taught to tear down instead of build up and you wonder at the example they are setting for their children.
Think about it before you take something that someone else worked and paid for.
Think about it when you make ugly remarks about people who have done nothing to you.
Think about it when you owe people money, won’t pay it and instead try to destroy their property.
Think about it when people have literally put food on your table, paid for it with money they could have spent on themselves.
Think about it when you refuse to pay for living in someone’s house, they don’t sue you but you cut holes in their walls anyway.
Sometimes, Lord, it is awfully hard to turn the other cheek but we know You always know what is going on and will take care of it for us. We trust You in all things, even down to taking care of mean people saving us the trouble. Thank You for that.
“They shalt not steal.”
“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”
“Thou shalt not covet.”
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
And one of my own:
Thou shalt work for things you want instead of snatching things that belong to others!


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