Funny how the smallest thing can bring a tremendous amount of joy into our lives. Like the crane that has come to roost on the corner of our boathouse for the past forty years.

Of course, it hasn’t been the same crane, and I’m sure he doesn’t slight many other boathouses in the area, but I felt a special joy each time I saw him alight on mine.
Now that the rain and storms have made a pile of rubbish out of the boathouse, we replaced it with a fishing dock and a guest boat slip since we no longer have boats. The new addition has a bright light that shines from dusk ‘til dawn, and the crane seems to find the same joy in the new dock that he did in the boathouse. He comes every night when the light comes on and sits on a corner for hours at a time.
Funny, but it gives me a sense of joy and peacefulness to look out to the dock in the middle of the night and see the crane seemingly guarding the boat dock with his perfect slow, easy habit. He sometimes moves toward the light to stand awhile, but he always gravitates toward the same corner where he stands for hours. I can see him from my bedroom window any time I look out, patiently standing on one foot, but seems just as at ease as he would be if he was standing on both feet.
I cannot help but be reminded of our Lord as He watches over us not only at night but every minute of every day. He is ever aware of our every move and it is tremendously comforting to know we have Him looking out for us even if there is no other. We can lay our heads on our pillow every night with ease, for we know He cares for us as we care for our own children. When we cannot sleep we can concentrate on the mighty Holy Spirit that is surrounding us with His love and care.
Just like my crane, He is there every time we look up, ready to take us in His arms and comfort us. He stands ready in the light of the Holy Spirit, and if we close our eyes we can feel that powerful Spirit within us, guarding us with His all-encompassing love.
What a comfort to know He is always there waiting to take us into His arms and comfort us, just as my crane gives me comfort in my many wakeful hours late at night, and sometimes in the wee hours of the morning.
We are never alone.


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