I just read an article putting a guilt trip on family for not paying attention to their elderly relatives causing said relative to be lonely.

Not my case! I can entertain myself all day every day. The phone works both ways. If I want to talk to one of them I know their number and I just speed-dial them.
Don’t we all remember how busy we were in our youth, trying to make a living, cook the meals, take care of the kids, ball games, dance lessons and on and on.
We need to have friends of our own to help us stay happy. It should never have to be up to our kids to keep us happy in our old age, however I have never had to worry about that. We talk almost daily and I know if I’m lonely or need her all I have to do is call.
Or better still get in the car with your cane and go to Dollar Tree. Get you a buggy and roll it around selecting cute things you can use in your next gift basket for a friend, acquaintance, stranger or relative.
Or get a program from the Senior Center to see what’s going on this week. There is sure to be something you would enjoy.
Get two or more friends to go out to lunch every week or every day if you feel the need! Better still make them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and invite them over for an eat and laugh session.
You never have to sit alone and feel sorry for yourself. I never will. I enjoy too many things and never have enough time (nor many days energy) to do all the things I love. I love to send cards to people, those who are hurting, sick, alone, addicted, heart broken. At those times I feel God nudging me on. I know how good it has made me feel to get a card when I’m sick or just don’t feel good. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Just buy a box of plain notes and write a short personal message. Those are probably appreciated more anyway.
I have developed the habit of jotting down encouraging messages to use later on my computer generated “cards.” I buy decorated computer paper to send my messages on. Sometimes I compose my own or one that I have found that appeals to me. I love doing this.
If you live alone you should buy an iPad to keep in touch with what is going on and what your friends are up to not to mention the games from crossword puzzles, word games or my two favorites; Freecell and Solitaire.
So next time you feel your kids are not calling you enough pick up the phone and call them. The phone works both ways but if you stay busy enough you may worry that they will call and interrupt you when you are right in the middle of one of your hobbies!

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