There is life after addiction.

Please don’t think your life is over because you made the decision to do drugs and in the end they did you. You are just one of thousands who have made the same decision and are still making the mistake daily but there is redemption for you.
We know many who have made the right decision and begin that long road to sobriety. It wasn’t an easy road but one that had a good life waiting at the end of it.
One person who made this right decision went back to college and recently graduated with her master’s degree and now has a good job and a secure future.
Another young lady I first met in jail chose to go ahead and serve the rest of her sentence in prison determined to let that be the end of her tortuous journey she had followed so long. Hers is a heartbreaking story of being a little girl abused by male relatives as she tried to go to school and seek some kind of normalcy until councilors discovered her long held secrets and got her on the road out of the hell that had been created for this little soul. We kept at her until we convinced her she had done absolutely nothing wrong . . . that she had been assaulted through no fault of her own.
We could see the truth finally starting to take hold and courage was reflected in those young eyes along with determination. She made up her mind to seek a better future, went ahead and served her time instead of  prolonging the agony by trying to avoid the charges, and paid her last debt to society. She came home clean of all her charges and immediately began to build a new life. Today she is happily married to a man who loves her very much and is enjoying a clean and happy life.
Another young man decided to make the right decision and got into rehab seeking help and we have faith that he is going to make it. It just takes determination on the part of the addict, no one else, for it has to be his decision and his alone. It’s the one thing parents can’t do for them. Only their decision and determination can do it. And many are making that decision today. Let’s pray that others join them daily. So many young lives to be saved. Don’t judge them. Pray for them.

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