I have been having a serious pity party for some weeks, just can’t seem to get out of it but today I took a long look at myself and decided I had to start trying to follow my own advice.

I have lived my life to the best of my ability (most of the time). I have been blessed 500 fold. So that is what I should be concentrating on not the heartaches that have been sprinkled in too often. I ask the Lord almost daily to take away the heartache I have suffered and to please give me peace.
I have an OCD mind but instead of lining up all the medicine bottles on the table I line up the many wrongs I feel I have suffered and sometimes my cluttered mind unwraps them one by and I feel the fresh pain all over again. Why do I do this? I know I should leave the past in the past where it belongs but as hard as I try on a bad day one of those memories will come creeping in and I deal with it all over again. Foolish. Completely foolish.
Because of my own hurts I have been able to empathize with others. So I should be thankful for those hurts. Today I  am making a “New Years resolution” to stop the pity parties and try to replace them with peace. I think we all want peace in our lives but create, in our minds, the very opposite.
We can have peace or we can hold onto to old hurts and give them the control to keep having that negative impact on our lives. Nobody wants the latter but we sometimes let our guard down and allow the old hurts to creep in.
Hobbies are one of the answers. I can entertain myself at home alone for hours. If nothing else by sitting here banging on my iPad. You too, can bang on your iPad or keyboard. Most of us have had interesting lives so write it down. I have written my memoirs for my daughter so she will know how it was in the “good old days.” But she will never believe it. I remember with fondness of how much fun it was being raised in the country though I didn’t really know it then.
You folks about my age can you remember cutting Prince Albert tin cans in strips to make “curlers?” Then you wrapped the curlers in paper from the Sears Roebuck catalog to keep them from cutting your hair. After a good setting with those little rollers you would be kinky for days!
That’s the kind of memories we need to call up and enjoy them once again in our old age. Write it all down for future generations. They probably won’t believe you but do it anyway.
Sorry, I must go now. Walmart is calling my name. I need my therapy walk and greetings today.


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