Do you ever find old memories creeping in during the holidays?

You flip on the TV and there’s the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and characters you don’t recognize but then here comes Snoopy and you remember Thanksgivings when your kids sat mesmerized as the giant balloon floated down the street and the dancers paused in front of Macy’s to do their routine.  
Then you bring yourself back to the present and reality.  You know you must not go there in your memory.  Today is today so you have to snap out of it.  We can spend our lives in long past memories or we can stay in the present and create new ones.  Another important decision we have to make.  We remind ourselves nothing lasts forever; every day you are creating memories for tomorrow.
There is still joy to find in the present if we look for it or we can ruin the memories we are now creating by choosing to look back instead of forward.  It takes a lot of courage to remember the past with love and enjoy the present with fresh eyes looking to the future.
God didn’t mean for us to spend our lives in mourning.  He will ease our hearts if we learn to depend on him.  We have to tell ourselves that he needed our loved ones more than we did though the need is not clear to us but we know our loss is not the end but the beginning of a beautiful new carefree life with no pain or problems and that is what we would wish for anyone we love.
Finally we can look back for just a glance then bring ourselves back to the present and start making more memories with new subjects and new missions to explore; New blessings to receive so we tuck our memories back into their little box, put them away to enjoy on another rare occasion or we can just leave them there and remember we have a treasure there for an emergency should it arise.
God bless those whose memories may haunt them in the coming holidays and help them to begin now creating new ones with love.

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