I recently learned what it means to treat one another with love.

I have had a problem with weak muscles in my legs for months. In fact, I fell in the driveway and did not have enough strength in my legs to get up. I had on my alarm so I pressed the button and nothing happened. I waited and pressed it again. Nothing. By then I knew something was wrong. I learned much later I had set something in front of the base! I was lying in an azalea bush and all I could think, was I was breaking my bush! There is an iron bench with pillows in that area but I couldn’t even see it! I thought if I could just get on my knees on one of those pillows I could get up. Pillows were too far away!
I’m in a cul-de-sac so I knew there would be no cars passing and I’m too far away from my next neighbor. So I laid back in my bush and tried to think. Too late. I should have done my thinking before I leaned over to pull a tree limb out of my shrubbery. The only way I could think of to get to the house was to scoot on my butt (on a gravel-based driveway) or to lay down and roll.
While I was mulling this over I saw someone come out of the house next door. So help me I could not bring myself to yell, “help I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” But I got the young girl’s attention and she hurried over and helped me get to the house and got my Walker for me.
I finally got in the house but by then I was almost too weak to get to my chair but finally did stringing grass and leaves all over my nice clean kitchen floor that had just been cleaned and spit shined.
I almost immediately started boo-hooing on Facebook. I had hardly stopped typing before a precious friend was there to help me, then came someone with two fabulous dishes of food for me and following her came a wonderful Christian that I only knew on Facebook loaded down with all sorts of things that would last me for a week or two. Then came the messages on FB, dozens of them offering help and it was people who meant it, too. I was overwhelmed. Many of these only knew me by Facebook. There must have been a hundred of them. What a secure feeling that gave me as I live alone.
A few days later I took something to the sunroom and bent to set it down and fell backward all the way across the sunroom knocking over everything in the way jabbing a big hole in my arm.
Thankfully I was able to crawl to the living room and pull myself up to a chair when I noticed blood spurting from my arm. “Where are the bandages,”. I kept thinking. I finally found them and found a wide band-aid, squeezed the hole as closed as I could get it and applied the bandage.
I ordered that good Walker my sister had been insisting I get. Now I can go to the mailbox lickety-split and leave the azalea bushes alone!
I sound nonchalant but it is rather scary to be alone at a time like that. I am thinking about my options and thinking is as far as I have gotten but one day if you see auction signs all over town, “No, I’m not having to sell everything. I’m just wanting to spend time with my family and it is hard to do business from hundreds of miles away.”

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