A sweet friend of mine convinced me to go to Celebrate Recovery last week.

He helped me with my walking with me leaning on him a lot. I was so glad I went and wondered why I had not pushed myself to go before now. A lot of times we tell ourselves we can’t do things because we just don’t want to put forth the effort. By the end of the day I’m worn out but there is always a little more energy if the will is there. So I went again this week with the help of my same friend.
As I sat there tonight the Holy Spirit got hold of me and I was just running over. There’s something about listening to someone’s testimony about how far God has brought them from the darkness into the bright sunshine that tears at my heart when I know I worked with them myself at one time in my life at the Jackson County jail.
God can find us wherever we are. If we call on Him he will be there. It’s just that simple. It’s no big deal to Him. He does it all the time so forget about it being such a big thing to get up out of your chair and acknowledge Him. You can accept Him riding down the road in your pick-up; in the barn feeding the cows; sitting at home watching television. You don’t have to have a lot of drama to accept Him. You can do it in the quiet of your bedroom; anywhere He calls on you to make that wonderful decision to accept the right way of living. It doesn’t have to be the rotten way of living.
You can be living a nonchalant type of life where you can take Him or leave Him but one sad day you wake up and you think you have nobody that cares and you are scared to death.
“What am I going to do,” you ask yourself. And a thought is instantly placed in your head, “Come to me. Let me help you.” And for the first time in your life you know you have a friend in Jesus. And oh, what joy that brings to your soul. Suddenly a peace washes over you like you have never known in your life. Things begin to make sense. Where there was chaos, things begin to straighten themselves out and suddenly fall into place. Your burden begins to lift.
Friends, then you know you have met the real Jesus Christ for the first time in your life and that is the instant you truly began to believe. You begin to talk to Him not as someone you have heard about but as your best friend who is there to listen to you in your darkest hours. Always.
What a gift you have found! He was right there all the time and you never took the time to know it. I can almost hear Him say, “Take time for Me. I can bring you peace.”
From that time you will find yourself talking to Him about whatever you think He might be interested in: “God bless that poor old lady that is shopping for groceries so carefully.”
Sometimes the answer may come back, “Why don’t you help her.” You might answer, “but I’m running a little short this week, Lord.” And you might hear, “Look in your cart. Do you need all that junk?” You look at your cart then you look at hers. You have no choice.
You both leave the supermarket happy.

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