Top-water time

As we progress forward into the warm summer months the heavier grass and the water temperatures continue to rise. One of the best presentations, over grass, is fishing some sort of top water bait. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t enjoy fishing top water; it’s fun, it’s aggressive and it’s visually a blast when that bait gets exploded upon, right in front of your eyes.
The good news is there are many options for top water baits and this time of year you can try them all and just about any of them will find a way to catch fish. Your old time traditional top water baits like popping baits, spooks and frogs all have a place during this post-spawn season. The changes to them over time have improved many of the old time baits giving you a variety of differences that can make a big difference in your day on the water. Those subtle differences have a lot to do with a few things that change the bait from noise to action and subtle, still, presentations.
Noise is probably one of the biggest additions to top water baits. There are baits that make noise, some that do not and others that have a unique sound; all have their place in catching fish. Bass are fickle, some days they want a noisy bait while other days they explode upon subtle, quiet, baits and then there are days when the noise just needs to be different – hence, the differences in top water. Buzz baits are a good example of the noise, Picasso buzz baits are water generating noisy baits where others use the wire to bang against and make a different noise. Others thicken the blade and change the sound just because the blade is wider or thicker. Presentation can change just by the weight of bait; the heavier top water bait changes the bait from how it moves and sits in the water. Length, weight, and placement all play a part in how the bait moves or sits in the water. If you examine different top water baits you will see what I mean, some drop from the back when sitting, others create sound by design, many give movement changes by narrowing the bait. All of them are made to do something differently; your task is to decide what fits your fishing style and gives you confidence.
Captain Mike

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