Influence of weather during pre-spawn

As we move into the early spring the one common factor we all must deal with is weather. It’s the x-factor as to what matters during the next few months. As the weather goes so does the fishing but if you know what to expect you can minimize the effects with just a few adjustments.  
Because spring weather changes on a daily basis, you must have a process in place to deal with the changes; meaning the elimination of water as a factor - where you start matters! You just can’t head to the water and go back to the same old places you caught fish last week, or last month, as the elements may have changed drastically and you must deal with the changes it presents. Having an elimination process is very important, whether you start shallow or deep is not important but eliminate water systematically by working from the deep water in or the shallow water out. I personally start from the shallow water during the pre-spawn as my feeling is this where they should be . . . and I am personally more comfortable starting shallow this time of year.  
The weather fronts, cold fronts or warm fronts, affect what the fish are doing and by taking your starting point and adjusting to the frontal change is key to finding bass. During the spring, or pre-spawn, warm fronts move the fish toward the shallow water. I believe that water temperature around 49 degrees with sun and increasing temperatures is the start of the pre-spawn and some of the best fishing of the year. Bass become aggressive and the big fish start feeding. The pre-spawn jumps into full swing quickly at this temperature point.  
In reverse, cold fronts during the pre-spawn move the fish back out. The difference is, once they have that body sense to move up with the warming trend, they do not go far during the change back to cold fronts.  It’s generally a move back to cover as they progress back to deeper water. They stop their movement short, where they hang, knowing that the weather will change back in a short time. So, look for the cover around the change areas, near the drops or breaks, toward the deeper water. Weather is a factor but understanding it is a trump card!
Captain Mike


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