Winter adjustments for the jig fisherman

With some recent success using a jig, in addition to the fact that it is one of my favorite baits, I thought I could pass on a few adjustments that I like to make when fishing a jig during the cold days and cold water-temperatures of winter. The first thing I like to do is show a smaller profile on a jig; meaning that big and bulky is not my choice when the water is cold. I often modify some things to help reduce the bulkiness if the jig.
The most important adjustment I make is going to a smaller profile trailer. As everyone knows, I use the Missile Bait D-Bomb, just about exclusively, as the trailer. So in the winter, I downsize and go to the Baby D-Bomb. It’s not as bulky; it’s a little smaller in length and appears a bit subtler with its movement in the water. I believe the smaller profile simply catches more fish. It drops a little quicker with less bulk and the Baby D-Bomb feet wiggle a little less, presenting a less-active crawfish “look” in the cold.
Another way to change the profile is to reduce the length of the skirt so it does not protrude past the bend of the hook. Reducing the length makes the bait look like a lethargic crawfish, this is much more appealing to a lethargic winter bass. The skirt above the collar should also be trimmed to around one-half inch. This reduces the skirt from flowing up and away from the hook on the drop and substantially reduces the bulkiness when the jig is on the fall.
Lastly, thin the weed guard. Weed guards are tough and bulky and by thinning it, meaning reducing the number of strands, down-sizes the profile. Most companies put about 21 strands in the weed guard. If you thin out seven of them, the profile drops by a third and ultimately catches more fish in the winter.
It is clear, not all jigs are created equal. Couple that fact with the adjustments listed and you have a productive wintertime jig. Tight-Line jigs are my preference for several reasons. They require less adjusting than any jig I have used as they are ready to use right out of the package. Outside of my few winter changes Tight-Line jigs are tough, strong and long lasting!
Captain Mike


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