Late winter and reading the weather

As we approach the end of the winter, we will see a variety of changes in the weather. Many days will be rainy and overcast, while others will be bright, sunny and windy. The conditions must be understood by the fishermen to make good choices to find active fish. Reading the weather, the conditions and knowing what to do is paramount to finding fish.
Let’s first examine what happens during the bright sunny days of late winter. As we all have seen there are more clear-water lakes in the late winter than there are at any time of the year. The lakes are low, and the rain generally does not affect the lake color much at all. Until the water comes up, run-off seems to have little effect on the water color, so dealing with the clear water is important to catching fish. We find that these sunny days move the fish to the ledges and deep water, and fish suspend more during this clear sky scenario. Looking in the right place for active fish is very important. Suspending fish find cover like stumps or points where grass comes to an end become great suspending spots. Warming water also becomes key areas, especially where the creek makes swings toward the back of the creeks.
Looking for these types of areas and suspending fish or bass hugging the bottom around creek bends are key areas. Finesse baits become the tool of choice, so you can slowly present your bait in front of them. Stained water changes where the bass locate during the sunny days, as the bass start locating in shallower locations and find cover like ditches, rock, brush or stumps to hang in. They also hide more around the cover causing you to fish more reactive baits around and through the shallow cover.
Fast forward to overcast skies, and it all changes as the bass become active, whether it’s clear or stained water. Winter becomes a lot easier as stick baits and swim baits become great ways to catch that big bag we are always looking for. It also opens the door to the crank bait fisherman, especially ones with tight wobbles like the SPRO Little John.
Read the sky, read the weather, locate where they hang out, and you will be a better late winter fisherman.
Captain Mike


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