Depth is critical

As we approach winter fishing your ability to locate the correct depth will be key to you having successful winter days on your fishery. Depth will be everything as the water gets colder over the next month and every fishery is different having its own unique circumstances that locate the fish to different depths.
There is no one key that drives you to the correct depth, you have to search and locate the correct depth to be successful and many times it can change daily because of some little detail like the thermocline (abrupt water temperature change of at least one-half degree per foot of depth) or general water temperature or structure. The important issue is to find that key depth range and your electronics can be a big part of making the correct move to the right depth. I utilize Lowrance products and believe they give the best and clearest view of the bottom especially the newest carbon technology.
Winter time on most lakes has plenty of clear water; the grassy lakes see lots of erosion of the grass making the structure easily visible with your Lowrance Electronics. Locating fish in the winter can be tricky but once you find a depth where the fish are holding the rest of the day becomes simple. Your mapping technology like Navionics can be easily set to color certain depths and when you do this you have a contour range to work from.   If you find fish at say 20 ft. you just set it up to color up to 20ft. and all the points, contour changes and structure becomes a color line. With a little bit of lake knowledge of where structure is or where creeks and main-river channels meet you have some great starting points for the depth range you have highlighted. If you’re at a lake you are not familiar with then use some hard copy maps to get a general idea of where these structure areas of the lake might be.
Hard copy maps have good detail for things like creeks, depth changes and some even show old roads where the road might have met the land structure. These become good target areas and can lead you to the areas that are holding fish.
Depth is an important ingredient to winter fishing, and with today’s technology you can find those tough winter fish and have some great winter days on the water.
Captain Mike

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