The shaky head craze

Regardless of your fishing preferences you can’t deny the explosion of the Shaky Head throughout the bass fishing industry. The feeling out there is when everything else fails you fish a Shaky head. The many ways you can fish it have made it very versatile bait. The thing that makes it so versatile is the creativeness of the manufactures over that past few years; changes have come from the days of a small finesse presentation to power bait fished in 20 plus ft. of water. Manufactures like Picasso have made the bait versatile and given it hook size and strength to change the bait to the bait that can be fished in many different ways. Picasso refers to one of their looks as the Rhino Head. They have flattened the back side so it can stand upright in deep water allowing you to rig it with a floating worm. Add to the look the Tungsten touch and you now have a presentation that is small enough yet heavy enough to ensure deeper depths with bigger hooks so you can take a 3/0 or 4/0 hook and have the size and strength to put a big fish in the boat without fear that the fish will easily throw a small hook. Couple this head with a screw down worm holder like the Picasso Shake Down head and you easily secure your worm in a strong upright tantalizing position.
The versatility in presentations alone are many; not only can you fish it like a traditional worm by dropping it and hoping it along the bottom but with the flat head and sleek tungsten look the bait has many other presentations. The ability to drag this bait along the bottom for the slow methodical fisherman that enjoy the old time presentations are many; if you like to keep contact with the elements on the bottom nothing is easier than fishing a Shaky Head.
The Shaky Head got its name from this bait look that can sit on the bottom and be shaken tantalizing bass into biting it, allowing you to attract aggressive fish. If you’re a swim bait guy a Shaky Head gives you a complete different dropping look while swimming it along the bottom.
The looks and presentations of a Shaky Head are many, and you can’t deny they catch fish!

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