The many looks of worm fishing

As the fall fishing continues to mask a slow presentation I thought I would give some detail on the many ways to fish a worm. There is no doubt we have advanced the presentation over the years of a worm and many of them are very popular and catching fish. When you talk about worm fishing we all are familiar with the traditional Texas rig; it’s been used for years with great success, it hides the point of the hook so it can be fished in grass and is probably the most used presentation of them all. I like it because you can easily utilize the Texas rig with many styles of fisherman and you don’t have to be a pro to catch a fish. Weighting a Texas rig differently gives you many ways to change the presentation, or to fish it at many different depths or slow down or speed up the drop and, without a doubt, the hook set is a lot of fun and the pride of bass fishing!
The rig that has really proliferated over the past ten years is the wacky rig, its slow, tantalizing drop, off edges, and over the top of grass, has really caught the eye of many bass fishermen. It’s again, a style, and look, that is easy for all types and levels of fishermen to catch a fish on. With it comes many different set-ups as it can be fished on shaky heads, Neko Rigs weighted in one end or not, weightless or with light belly weighted hooks allowing you to get different drop rates and utilize it in different depths very easily.
A great depth buster is the traditional Carolina Rig; the thing that makes this set up so versatile is the fact that you can change the length of the leader and get different results in different types of cover. A heavy-weight and long leader is great pulling down ledges or shorting the leader with lighter weight allows you to get into scattered grass and cover. Lastly, the drop shot rig is the ideal suspending fish catcher; there are no tougher conditions to catch fish than those that are suspending and the drop shot allows you to set the depth of the leader to match the suspending fish and taunt the suspending bass at different levels and movement.
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