Finding big bass

It’s always a puzzle to figure out where the bigger bass go, why are they difficult to find and what keys should you look for to find the bigger fish? These questions have been out there for years and I am not sure there is a clear cut answer but I will give you my insight on those bigger fish.
One of the first things I have figured out is that the bigger fish are generally mostly females as the male bass is generally smaller because they spend so much of their life protecting the spawn and the female fish their life span is much shorter. This reason alone eliminates the male fish from the growth factor that comes with their aging process.
I also believe that the bigger females do not roam nearly as much as the smaller fish do; sure they move to the traditional seasonal changes but once they get there they have a tendency to stay put. Not much different than the aging process we go through as we get older we seem to want to be set in a home town and stay there. This reasoning I believe is one key to finding bigger fish; if they stay close in their locations it gives you the understanding that you must work an area thoroughly once you find a bigger fish. The bigger bass have staged close to the location you found them in you just have to unlock the secret that gets you into their house. This is not an easy task but slowing down and looking for key elements like oxygen created by say green grass and thick cover, lots of bait fish and easy feeding routes are probably the areas the bigger bass with live in. Big fish didn’t get to that age and size because they were reckless they grew and aged because they were careful and found areas to hide in that were safety areas with food and oxygen to survive. Many times it’s simple like deeper water with areas of oxygen and plenty of bait fish others it’s just not. You just have to be intuitive and find that spot they’re living in.
I believe bigger fish, because they’re older, also have routines, like time of day they feed or relocate because of the sun or predators; you have to determine in your lake their habits and use that to find the bigger fish.

Captain Mike


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