Fall is not all about grass

Every year when fall fishing comes around we as anglers head to the grass on Guntersville for a couple of reasons: first, it is fishing fun to get that big strike and haul a bass out of the cover and second, most believe the obvious grass is where the fish are. Well the real truth is that not all bass head to the obvious feeding areas in the grass. In fact, many of the bigger fish move to the open area structure where grass and fishing pressure is not as strong.
I believe that as we have increased the number of fisherman, over the years, on our lakes the bass get smarter and relocate to the non-obvious locations to escape the pressure! The fact is the best fisherman move to areas that have subtle structure or deeper coontail instead of hydrilla or milfoil. Subtle structure is different and it requires some scanning of the bottom with your Structure Scan to find it. Instead of the bass migration to the shallow being all about the obvious locations, many times the bass are taking routes along old hidden road beds where stumps lie on the edges, or move from the deep into the shallow along the edges of the deeper creeks that also hold less obvious structure.  
Regardless of path, the bass move can be more about subtle changes in depth or shell bottoms that extend out from the shore lines; the one path that most of us forget about is rock structure. The grass always looks so good that we disregard the rock ledges as migration paths and head to the more obvious structure. Guntersville is full of rock and old limestone pits that make for some very good fall fishing areas. You, as an angler, must be creative and find some of these different types of structure to make a move off the typical, more obvious, to the more subtle and obscure.

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